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Remember Abraham was thrown in the fire.

Zakariya had his skin peeled with a metal comb

Ayuub (job) faced years and years of illness

Yaqub (jacob) was separated from his most loved son.

Yousuf was separated from his father, thrown in to a well, imprisoned

Moses was persecuted by the Phaoroh

Jesus was persecuted

Peace be Upon them All

Our Beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam was forced from His beloved Mekkah, children died in infancy, His beloved Uncle Hamza Radhiallahu Anho was martyred, his friends and companions were martyred, His daughters were divorced..

Aasiya Alahis salam was tortured by Phaoroh,

Sumiyyah Radhiallahu Anha was martyred with a spear, she was of old age,

Hajira was left abandoned in the barren land.


So you see we are not alone in facing hardship. Its the practice of Allah that the more beloved you are the more severe the trial. These trials are to elevate us in rank in the eyes of Allah and so we can attain more pease and Allah’s pleasue in the Akhirah.

So never lose heart, keep hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah (God) loves you!


Verily Allah is with the Sabireen.

“Forgive The One Who Oppresses You.”

if we and everyone  remembered these short advises the world and life we live in would be a better more peaceful place

It is related that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam said “Associate with one who shuns you. Forgive the one who oppresses you. Give to the person who gives you nothing. I was commanded  to invite people to the divine path by menus of wisdom, sound advice, talking, and listening, always urging them toward what was better… Anas Bin Malik used to relate: “I served the Prophet for ten years. In no work at all did he ever say, ‘You have done wrong” or, ‘Why did you do that?’ When I did something well, he used to bless me. Whenever I did something that displeased him, he would say; ‘The command of God is an absolute decree’ (33:35). He himself used to arrange the fodder of his own mount. He used to come home and light the lamp himself. When the strap of his sandels broke he himself replaced it. He used to mend his torn garments with his very own hands and he would help the servants in the house.”

Free Yourself.

There is only one way to free your self… Give in to God.

I was just thinking for as long as we are slaves to passions, love, desires of the worldly things or even people..we will never be free. All these things are not givers of peace. I remember a hadith in which to the nearest meaning its said… The world is accursed and everything in this world is accursed except the place where dhikrullah is made and a student of Ilm.

So like if we give our hearts to these things and these kind of people.. will we ever find peace?

However if our love for these things i.e the world and the people are motivated by love of God we will find peace and tranquility in that as we shall not become slaves to it or them but rather we will always put God before them and hence be protected,,, And Allah knows best.

If you want peace let my love inside, reside

I love you in ways you won’t ever beleive. if I imprison you its because I want you to be free.

if you find yourself in darkness its only to bring you back in to light.

If  you find yourself in heart break  its because I want to live inside.

I will trouble you because I want to build up your trust and Faith.

If you look closely I’ve always carried you in life.

Peace is with me because I am Peace.

If you want peace let my love inside, reside.


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Self Treatment

just had this thought we cant change the world but we change ourselves. We cant control what people do around us but we can control what we do.

Change takes place over time, wounds take time to heal. sadness is and will be replaced by joys and joys too turn to sadness.

The best keep to keep with you is forgiveness, forgive those who wrong you, wish them peace do good to them.

To make peace with the world first you need to make peace with yourself and God until a persons at peace within themselves they wont really be able to spread love and peace.

Never Give up or Lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Remember life is short we will be here today and gone tommorrow.

God Loves You

Peace of Mind

I was reading the other day most of our unrest of the mind comes from our wishes and dreams being unfulfilled and because we place trust on people to behave in the way we want them to behave. This is the cause of all distress. Trust should be placed on God alone  and we need to remember He is Creator and Master of all things and conditions. No one  is able to control him, we can not impose our wishes and desires on Him but rather his wish and desire is imposed upon us. He controls the people and people will behave in the way he wishes towards us.

Thus we have to remember we can not impose upon Him.

When faced with a difficult situation of stress tell yourself this is the will of God.  Don’t expect instant remedies some medicines take time to work..some wont work at all..again be content with the will of GOD.

If anxiety has been caused be an action remedy the action and put things right then trust God.

Lifes too short don’t plan for tommorrow as we don’t even know whether we would live to see the sunset.

With Peace.