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Today you will Cry, Tommorrow you will Smile

Time is a Wonderful Healer as God is time, He created time, He controls  time. Everything moves according to His timetable. (Not ours).

Todays  Ice will be tomorrows river.

SO when you are feeling down remember time, embrace time, embrace patience, embrace all love, embrace God i.e.embrace all that comes from God. Embrace every goodness. Most of all remember time, remember God.

Rremember Gods Words:

“With every hardship there comes ease.Indeed with every hardship there comes ease.”

Its just a matter of time. So Smile if you are sad because you are going to smile again. You’re Loved By God. Time ticks for you.

Just Be Righteous.

a joy with no sorrow,

Another person came to the Prophet and said,
“I don’t want this religion. By God, take it back.
Ever since I entered your religion I’ve had no
peace for a single day. My wealth is gone, my
spouse has left, my child cannot be found, my
respect is destroyed, my strength is sapped, even
my lust has disappeared.” Mohammed answered,
“What did you expect? Wherever our religion
goes it does not return without uprooting that
person and sweeping clean their house.”
“None but the purified shall touch God.”
So long as there remains in you a single trace
of self-love, God will not show His face to you.
You will not be worthy of His presence. You must
become wholly indifferent to yourself and the
world, so that Friend can show His face. So,
whenever our religion lodges in a heart, it will not
withdraw its hand until it brings that heart to
God and severs from it all that is untrue.
The Prophet went on to say to that person,
“You have no peace because sorrow’s purpose is
to empty you of previous joys. So long as food
fills your stomach, you are not given new food to
eat. During elimination, we eat nothing. When we
are empty and hungry, then we are given food. Be
patient and grieve, for grieving is the emptying of
yourself. After you are empty, then joy can
enter—a joy with no sorrow, a rose without a
thorn, a wine without crop-sickness.”

Extract from a Rumi discourse.