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Today you will Cry, Tommorrow you will Smile

Time is a Wonderful Healer as God is time, He created time, He controls  time. Everything moves according to His timetable. (Not ours).

Todays  Ice will be tomorrows river.

SO when you are feeling down remember time, embrace time, embrace patience, embrace all love, embrace God i.e.embrace all that comes from God. Embrace every goodness. Most of all remember time, remember God.

Rremember Gods Words:

“With every hardship there comes ease.Indeed with every hardship there comes ease.”

Its just a matter of time. So Smile if you are sad because you are going to smile again. You’re Loved By God. Time ticks for you.

Just Be Righteous.

If you want peace let my love inside, reside

I love you in ways you won’t ever beleive. if I imprison you its because I want you to be free.

if you find yourself in darkness its only to bring you back in to light.

If  you find yourself in heart break  its because I want to live inside.

I will trouble you because I want to build up your trust and Faith.

If you look closely I’ve always carried you in life.

Peace is with me because I am Peace.

If you want peace let my love inside, reside.

Be Heartened.

Whilst there is God there is always Hope.

And God is Eternal, the Ever Living.