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God is kindness

Be God Like – Be Kind.

This world could do with many God like people.

A person can realise when  his soul is being over powered by God and Love of God, when the God like qualities start to over power his soul.  forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, compassion  become as second nature to him as taking the name of God.

Does God Love Sinners?

Indeed Allah Loves the Sinners!.

I was reading a question today” Does Allah Love the Sinners?”.

The simple is the best sinner is the one who seeks Frogiveness.

Allah doesn’t like the fact that we sin but He loves those who turn to HIm in repentance. its quoted as part of a hadith to thenearest meaning that ALlah says to the angels:” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness? and Allah forgives. Then the slave commits the same sin, Again Allah says ” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness?” Again Allah forgives. The same person then commits sin again and turns to Allah again seeking forgiveness, again there is the same reply'”What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness”. He then Also adds you will tire in seeking forgivenes from me but I will not tire forgiving you. Subhanallah.

How Loving our Allah is.

Once Allah told Mosed when a righteous person turns to Allah, ALlah replies “I am Present my slave” ( Labaik Ya abadi), However when a sinner turns to Allah, Allah replies repeating HImself “Labaik Ya Abadi, Labaik Ya Abadi”. (I am present my Slave, I am present My Slave).

Subhanallah, never lose hope in the Love and mercy of Allah, and this is a compulsory act in Islam, to Always be hopeful of Allahs Mercy. However this is not to be misconstrued as an open invitation to sin as if we Love Allah then truly we would not want to displease him. A Lover doesn’t like upsetting His beloved. He Would Fear losing His Beloved.

Also I should add Allah’s Mercy isruch that when a person repents of the sin, Allah wipes out the sin and its replaced with a virtue. Subhanallah!


I keep saying this but the reason why you are beautiful is because God made you. Your natural flaws are not really flaws but in fact part of your beauty and personality.If it wasn’t for those paticular charcteristics you would be someone else.

God made you mot perfectly, he breathed your soul in to you  and  molded your body in the mothers womb. He then nourished both your body and your soul and then set you free to live your life in this  world.

Now, riches and wealth status won’t make you a nice person, good actions make people a nice person. With great effort on our souls we can reach the heavens, the Knower of the Hidden secrets, and we can earn a life of bliss on earth and bliss in the hereafter.

We humans made effort on the things of this world, so much so that metal is now flying in the air; If only we had made the same kind of effort on our souls, Just as Muhammad and Esa and Abraham taught (peace be upon them) then we too would have been flying in heaven.

No one truly dies in this world, we just pass away from here, My God help us pass away to some thing much better. (ameen).

If y just read this blog, remember God Love you and wants you to succeed.

In one of the travels of the prophet (peace and blessings upon him), one of his companions removed baby pigeons from a nest, the mother hovered over his head, seeing this he inquired from his companions if they knew who had taken her chicks, he (peace and blessings upon him) then returned the chicks to their nest in kindness and mercy to the pigeon.

God Loves us more than a mother loves her child.

Beloved Drops

We are but drops in the vast ocean of the universe,
And  God  is aware of  each and every drop he sends down,
And is even aware of the particles which made the drop,
which formed the stream,
that joined the river,
that met the ocean.

Drops Pictures, Images and Photos

And He Loves and Cherishes every single drop.

Egg Number 2.

Guess what? those who


follow my pigeon trail, wil be pleased to know the second egg of the clutch was layed yesterday.

Now its all about Trusting Allah. He gives Life and He gives death.

Isn’t it Amazing @ Allahs reproductive systems? From Pigeons to Eggs. to Chicks to Pigeons.

I mean like such a perfect shape and colour of eggs. With a perfect shell. Thier never square always the same shape. Amazing how the pigeons will also make the nest. These have a bowl to start with but they will still weave the straw and grass to make a strong nest. You can actually lift the nest and it won’t break. It stays in one piece.  The pigeonswil start to produce a special pigeon milk inthier crops which they will feed to the young chicks. This milks is full of goodness which allows the chick to develop quicky and strong. the chicks are born blind but they willraise thier necks and open thier beaks and placethem inside the parents mouth from where they will suck the milk out. Andif all goes well in 6 weeks time the chicks become independent.
And pigeons are very clever, they home. Meaning if you take a pigeon hundreds of miles away and release them, they will circle once or twice the area which they were released from and then fly directly home.

They have a built in GPRS satellite navigation system. No need for batteries and cables its all in their clever brains and if you look at them, you cann tell they are extremely sharp.

Ma salams

Why the Devil Does He Hate me?

As Wr Wb, Bismillah

Maybe this is really obvious and because I had never actually thought about it before it seemed like a bit of enlightenment to me. (lol)

But basically I was reading a blog (one I often visit) and it mentioned Einstein how he believed in a Devine entity but not religion. So basically in commenting on the blog I said well even the devil (satan/ iblees) knows of Gods existence but he too did not submit to Gods command. Thus it doe snot necessarily mean that if a person belives in God he will follow a religion.. no one like to submit and to be told what to do an to follow rules. (even though they are four our Good).

This then obviously lead me on to think no wonder Satan wants to mislead all of us because we are the Childen of Adam, due to whose creation he became outcast and accursed, for refusing to prostrate to him. And so he continues to mislead us so we too become outcast and accursed and suffer the same misery as him in Hell.

No wonder the Prophet Peace be Upon Him taught us the following prayer:


I seek refuge in Allah from the rejected Satan.

Lacking in Confidence

I was reading a blog earlier and it made me think someting we lack sometimes is confidence in Allah.  We are all guilty of this because on the onset of trial or sadness we become despondent, crazy this is natural, even the prophets felt pain for example the Prophet Jacob with regards to missing yousuf he felt ttension in his head. The Prophet peace be upon him used to make dua to be protected from grief anxiety and distress so its flet by all of us. But, the key thing is their hearts remained confident as they had confidence in Allah, inhis ability to to change circumstances,, he turns the day to night  and visa versa every day. He cures the sick gives us wealth etc every day, has the power to bring the dead back to life as we see with the trees in winter. Thus the Prophets and the wise always have a confidence in Allah that he has all power and they have confidence in his wisdom, knowing He has full knowledge and his decisions are wise.  Thus they remained unshakeable in their lives.

For example if we have a problem we might go to a lawyer or a doctor for thier advice. We trust them and have confidence in their words. It gives us peace of mind in following heir advice etc. Thus How much more confident hould we feel knowing Allah is in control and he can make my life better, he probably is making our lives better but sometimes we don’t see it.  Thus we should strive in life and be confident.. as we trust in Allah. Results are not upto us, a persons sick he takes his medicine, he tries, if he still remains sick this is Allahs will.. so Inshallah he should be patient in that. Or a person applies for a job, doesnt get it, he should not become miserable or depresed Inshallah he will get a more suiteable job.. if Allah had made us all rich all we would proably do is fulfil all our desires and forget all about the Akhirah, Thus Allah is wise in all he does.  The key is to change the perception of the situation in our minds.. to a positive one.  Its also important not to keep the mind occupied in pondering over problems this only makes things worst, but rather we should take control and workon solutions. Inshallah.

Hope I made sense..

I found this article it probably explains better than I can. Ma salams.

Do you ever have doubts about Allah’s Abilities? Not necessarily expressing it, but deep inside, do you find yourself saying, “No…I don’t think Allah could do that”? As Muslims we should have unshakable confidence that Allah has Ultimate Sovereignty over this Universe. He controls everything, and nothing happens without His Will. Do you know why we sometimes fall into this mistake? It’s because we correlate Allah’s Ultimate Abilities with the appearance of the results that we want to see. If we want something specific to happen, like someone dear to us that is severely ill, to become well, and we pray to Allah for this and then this person dies, doubt starts to crawl into our hearts. We start, in our subconscious, to doubt that Allah has the ability to cure. Allah Has Ultimate Wisdom, and it is not always that we grasp the wisdom in different things. But because we are sure that Allah is The Most Merciful, we are certain that what ever happens is for our benefit. We must have firm belief in Allah’s Sovereignty and Ability. It’s a Divine Law: If you have unshakable belief in Allah, He will help you.

For example, when Moses (pbuh) fled with the Children of Israel from Egypt and they found themselves in front of the Red Sea with the Pharaoh’s army behind them and there was no way out, what happened? The Children of Israel said, “We are sure to be overtaken.” (26:62). But Moses (pbuh) was certain that Allah has power over all things and could get them out of this situation, with confidence, “(Moses) said: “By no means! My Lord is with me! Soon will He guide me!” (26:63). He didn’t know “how” Allah will help him, but he was sure that Allah “will” help him. So Allah ordered him to hit the water with his staff and the sea split open making a path between two mountains of water. Allah, The Creator, changed the properties of water, He is the One that decreed them in the first place and He is One that could change them if He wishes.

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Take another example. When Abraham (pbuh) was thrown by a catapult towards a huge bonfire and while flying in the air, Jibreel (Gabriel) came to him asking, “Need any help?” Abraham replied, “From you? No thanks”. Abraham was confident, totally confident that Allah Sees and Hears what’s happening, and that if Allah wants to save him, He will. And that’s what happened, Abraham was saved, but how? Did Allah order the sky to rain and turn out the fire? Did Allah order the wind to blow Abraham off course so that he wouldn’t fall into the fire? No. Allah changed the properties of fire and ordered it to be cool and safe for Abraham. Why did Allah do this? One reason is so that people would know that Allah is in control of everything and to strengthen their faith in His Ability. It was so that we Muslims in the 21st century realize that we worship The King of this whole universe and that nothing happens without His permission and that He has the ability to do anything He wills.

Allah says, “With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knows but He. He knows whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. There isn’t a leaf that falls but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a record clear (to those who can read)”. (6:59). Do you see how Great and Knowledgeable Allah is? And guess what? We Muslims believe in Him and obey Him. We depend on Him and He is there to help us…. What then could possibly go wrong?

In another verse Allah says, “Say: ‘O Allah. Lord of Power (And Rule), You give power to whom You please, and You strip off power from whom You please: You endue with honor whom You please, and You bring low whom You please: In Your hand is all good. Verily, over all things You have power'” (3:26). See how powerful Allah is? Imagine if your Boss at work, the Dean of your college, or the Principle of your school was your father and he promised you that he would help you with what ever you need. Imagine the feeling of security you will have, imagine the confidence you will feel. Now think about this; The Ruler of this whole universe is Allah, The Powerful, The Merciful, The Ever Living, and He says, “Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve; Those who believe and (constantly) guard against evil;- For them are glad tidings, in the life of the present and in the Hereafter; no change can there be in the words of Allah. This is indeed the supreme felicity.” (10:62-64).

Bothers and Sisters, lets reinforce our confidence in Allah. Lets turn to Him with humbleness and devotion, and ask Him to help us revive our Ummah. He is the One who Gives Life, lets ask Him to give life to our Ummah. He is the Guider to The Straight Path, lets beg Him to Guide us all. Nothing is difficult for Allah. When Allah ordered Noah (pbuh) to build an ark (boat), Noah was in the middle of the desert where there was no sea or river, but because he had confidence in Allah, he got to work. To a non-Believer it would seem insane to built an ark in the middle of the desert, a waste of time. But when the flood started, the wisdom behind building the ark became obvious. Today we are building an ark that seems nonsense to a non-Muslim, or may even seem as a waste of time for a weak Muslim. The ark we are building today is “Until they change themselves”. It needs lots of work and may seem pointless to many. But the day will come when those who participated in building this ark will succeed, and those who wandered away will regret. Lets get to work, all of us, because this ark needs a lot of effort, patience, and confidence in Allah!

Amr Khalid is an Egyptian Muslim activist and preacher. The New York Times Magazine, in reference to Khaled’s popularity in Arab countries, described him in its April 30, 2006 issue as “the world’s most famous and influential Muslim televangelist. Amr Khaled has recently been chosen as number 62 of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine.