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Remember Abraham was thrown in the fire.

Zakariya had his skin peeled with a metal comb

Ayuub (job) faced years and years of illness

Yaqub (jacob) was separated from his most loved son.

Yousuf was separated from his father, thrown in to a well, imprisoned

Moses was persecuted by the Phaoroh

Jesus was persecuted

Peace be Upon them All

Our Beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam was forced from His beloved Mekkah, children died in infancy, His beloved Uncle Hamza Radhiallahu Anho was martyred, his friends and companions were martyred, His daughters were divorced..

Aasiya Alahis salam was tortured by Phaoroh,

Sumiyyah Radhiallahu Anha was martyred with a spear, she was of old age,

Hajira was left abandoned in the barren land.


So you see we are not alone in facing hardship. Its the practice of Allah that the more beloved you are the more severe the trial. These trials are to elevate us in rank in the eyes of Allah and so we can attain more pease and Allah’s pleasue in the Akhirah.

So never lose heart, keep hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah (God) loves you!


Verily Allah is with the Sabireen.

God is kindness

Be God Like – Be Kind.

This world could do with many God like people.

A person can realise when  his soul is being over powered by God and Love of God, when the God like qualities start to over power his soul.  forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, compassion  become as second nature to him as taking the name of God.

Purity Is From Allah Alone

Had it not been for the Grace of Allah upon you, none of you would have been purified, But Allah purifies whomesoever he desires” (quran 24:21)

From this ayat it becomes apparent that toogether with striving to attain spiritual purification it is also essential to attain the Graces and Mercy of Allah Rabbul izzat. We have to constantly entreat him to include us amongst those whome he has purified.

Movlana Rumi writes:

O Allah! If a thousand chains of carnal desires and satanaic deceptions have shackled our feet, we have nothing to fear if your Graces are upon us.”

“Forgive The One Who Oppresses You.”

if we and everyone  remembered these short advises the world and life we live in would be a better more peaceful place

It is related that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam said “Associate with one who shuns you. Forgive the one who oppresses you. Give to the person who gives you nothing. I was commanded  to invite people to the divine path by menus of wisdom, sound advice, talking, and listening, always urging them toward what was better… Anas Bin Malik used to relate: “I served the Prophet for ten years. In no work at all did he ever say, ‘You have done wrong” or, ‘Why did you do that?’ When I did something well, he used to bless me. Whenever I did something that displeased him, he would say; ‘The command of God is an absolute decree’ (33:35). He himself used to arrange the fodder of his own mount. He used to come home and light the lamp himself. When the strap of his sandels broke he himself replaced it. He used to mend his torn garments with his very own hands and he would help the servants in the house.”

The Hilm of Yousuf Alahis Salaam.

Bismillah-ir Rehmanir-Raheem

I was reading something yesterday in a book “tazkiratul Ambiya” (stories of the Prophets) about Yousuf Alaihis salaam when he saw his mother (Rahils)grave he went to it and broke down in tears. He had been separated from his father, thrown into a well by his brothers, shackled in chains, etc  so naturally he was upset.  To cut a long story short his words and tears made all of the Angels in the heavens cry. Allah thus sent gabriel to help him and Gabriel asked Yousuf what he would like him to do, but Yousuf said “Hilm” was the practice/ nature of Allah, i.e Allah didn’t do things in Haste thus he too was going to practice Hilm and was not going to ask Allah to solve his problems all at once.

So this got me thinking What is Hilm, ie its nature, whats the definition? As we need it too. Thus I found this definition:

“Hilm or perseverance means to hold in check the nafs in the face of events which are distasteful to one.”

Allah loves beauty,

Allah loves beauty,

The Prophet was the Beautiful example;

Hence the sunnah is Beautiful;

Thus whosoever adopts the sunnah will be Beautiful in the eyes of  Allah, the kareem.

Does God Love Sinners?

Indeed Allah Loves the Sinners!.

I was reading a question today” Does Allah Love the Sinners?”.

The simple is the best sinner is the one who seeks Frogiveness.

Allah doesn’t like the fact that we sin but He loves those who turn to HIm in repentance. its quoted as part of a hadith to thenearest meaning that ALlah says to the angels:” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness? and Allah forgives. Then the slave commits the same sin, Again Allah says ” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness?” Again Allah forgives. The same person then commits sin again and turns to Allah again seeking forgiveness, again there is the same reply'”What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness”. He then Also adds you will tire in seeking forgivenes from me but I will not tire forgiving you. Subhanallah.

How Loving our Allah is.

Once Allah told Mosed when a righteous person turns to Allah, ALlah replies “I am Present my slave” ( Labaik Ya abadi), However when a sinner turns to Allah, Allah replies repeating HImself “Labaik Ya Abadi, Labaik Ya Abadi”. (I am present my Slave, I am present My Slave).

Subhanallah, never lose hope in the Love and mercy of Allah, and this is a compulsory act in Islam, to Always be hopeful of Allahs Mercy. However this is not to be misconstrued as an open invitation to sin as if we Love Allah then truly we would not want to displease him. A Lover doesn’t like upsetting His beloved. He Would Fear losing His Beloved.

Also I should add Allah’s Mercy isruch that when a person repents of the sin, Allah wipes out the sin and its replaced with a virtue. Subhanallah!