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Something Which Can Not Be Bought

If you had sold it a thousand times

I would have bought it a thousand times

because it was given with a love so true.

I Have a New Love

I have a new love,

And its you,

with love.


Guess what I am trying to say is in my religion there is not any hate towards anyone. Maybe perhaps we hate their actions but never the person. He is truly a person, a human who prays for his enemies.

Beloved Drops

We are but drops in the vast ocean of the universe,
And  God  is aware of  each and every drop he sends down,
And is even aware of the particles which made the drop,
which formed the stream,
that joined the river,
that met the ocean.

Drops Pictures, Images and Photos

And He Loves and Cherishes every single drop.

The Masterpiece would be incomplete without you.

I just read something somewhere basically someone saying they were I sent them a message saying. No ones is worthless, all of us are a link in the chain of this world (life) as such every part is in fact Priceless.

The Masterpiece would be incomplete without you.

Who Needs to find words,

Who Needs to find words,

to touch the heart,

of  a person,

in whom,



If God Loves what you do, God won’t fail you.

The key to a beautiful life isn’t money cars and beautiful women,

The key is a beautiful heart.

If God Loves what you do, God won’t fail you.

Everynight when you go to sleep

Everynight when you go to sleep tell yourself Allah (God) loves me,
When you feel pain and sad tell yourself Allahs curing purifying me,
And when things come right tell yourself this is Allahs mercy.
And when things get really tough, shedding a few tears to Allah I know Ive been bad, I know Ive done wrong, Allah Im weak, but do forgive me and relieve me.

Allah Loves the Tears of his Beloved crying to him.