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Islamic Widget: Ramadhan Countdown

Find Your Qibla Diection.

I found this islamic widget site that helps you find the Qibla and Alhumdulillah it helped me confirm mine.  I had 2 different compasses that showed me differing directions so in the end I did what I normally do, look at the postion of the sun and then work it out from there. I know its at the paticular Qibla direction at 8 am in the morning for me. (approximately).

And with the Qibla in the Hanfi school as long as you try to work it out then even if you face the opposite direction the salaah still counts.

Anyway this is the link if anyone wants to check thier Qibla Direction

Geeky Blog: Instant Viewer.

Some of you mayknow I work in the IT field well through the course of my work today I was pointed towards a site from which I needed to download and Install a program. However on browsing the site I came accross this  image viewer which some of you may find useful.