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Meaning o Tasawuf

Imam Abu Abdillah ibn at-Tubi as-Siqilli rahimahullah says in a poem:

“Tasawwuf does not entail wearing woolen [course] clothing which you patch. Nor does it entail your crying when singers start singing. Nor does it entail shouting, dancing and music. Nor does it entail pretending to have fainted as though you have become mad. Rather, tasawwuf entails your becoming pure without any filth. That you follow the truth, The Qur’an and the Din. That you forever seen to be fearful of Allah, remorseful and aggrieved by your sins.”

So You Want To Be A Sufi?

Someone asked Sheikh Zakariyya Rahmatullah alaihi.:

What is Tasawwuf?  What is Reality?

He answered “All it is, is to correct ones intention, nothing else. Its beginning is, “Verily all actions are judged by the intention.”, (Ikhlaas/ sincerity)

and its end is, “You may worship Allah as though you see him.” ( The stage of Ihsan).

A sufis heart is never away from His Creator. I read the other day Dr Abdul Hayy whenever he used to pick up a child or play with a child first he used to pause and meditate for a few seconds that this action was also performed by the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alaihi wasalam thus I am going to play with this child in accordance with the Sunnah and to please Allah. This then makes the action all the more virtuous. Similarly in other everyday things in life. eating, sleeping, walking, talking, refraining from sin, all this should be carried out in accordance to the command of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH and with the Intention that I am doing this to Please my creator. Thereby all the things we do and perform during the day become a means of our nearness and proximity to Allah.

And Ihsan: to worship Allah as if we see Him and the least Ihsan is to be aware that Allah sees me. Ihsan comes with time through dhikr, through reciting the Quran, being with pious people, refraining from sin and to practice it during salaah. When you stand up for Salaah in your heart and mind contemplate Allah is in front of me or at least that he sees me and inshallahw ith time a person will attain Ihsan.

Tasawwuf: The Beginning is correcting the Niyah (intention) and its ending is Ihsan.