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The Woman of Jannah

I was reading a book to my daughters  “The Woman of Jannah”  yesterday night and I came across this hadith, which I had not read or heard before but I thought it was a beautiful advice, hence I thought I would share it with all:

The Messenger of Allah, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, said, what translated means,

“Your women, who are among the residents of Paradise are Al-Wadood, Al-Walood and Al-‘Aood to her husband; the one who, if he (her husband) gets angry, she comes to him and puts her hand in his hand, saying, ‘I will not taste sleep until you are pleased (with me).’” [Ad-Daraqutni].

Al-Wadood is the one who shows affection to her husband, Al-Walood is the one who bears many children for her husband, and Al-‘Aood is the one who brings many benefits to him. There is no doubt that if the wife possesses these characteristics and qualities, then she will deserve to be among the residents of Paradise . Let us imagine a wife putting her hand in her husband’s hand, saying, “I will not taste sleep until you are pleased.”

Would not this behavior from her be a cause for happiness for both her and her husband?!

I guess it behoves the husband to over look her faults and forgive her always too.


as wr wb

I was reading this blog about Haya and Modesty earlier well basically it reminded me of something I had read last week in a book.

Touching Incident..

basically it was a hadith about a lady female companion, May Allah be pleased with her. She (RA)  was looking for her son when the muslims were returning from an expedition. She was informed he was martyred..  In the time of grief she went to the Prophet salallahu alahi wasalam to confirm this. However even in her time and moments of trauma and grief she had not forgot to cover her face, etc. . The other muslims commented on this and She (RA) told them:

“I might have lost my son but I didn’t lose my haya (modesty). “

(Subhanallah… such spirit.. their hearts were so imbued with  faith)

The reference  for the above hadith is in the book of Abu dawuud, I can’t remember the exact detail but it was 2488 I think.


Namrud was the oppressive king who threw Ibrahim (A.S.) into the fire. His daughter, Ru‘dah, was watching the scene from above. She noticed that the fire was having no effect on Ibrahim (A.S.). She shouted and asked him the reason for this.
Ibrahim (A.S.) replied: “Allah has saved me from this calamity through the blessing of iman.”
She replied: “If you permit me, I will also come into the fire.”
He replied: “Recite Lâ ilâha illallâhu Ibrahim khalîlullâh (translation: There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Ibrahim is the close friend of Allah).

She recited this kalimah and immediately dived into the fire. The fire had no effect on her as well. She then came out of the fire and went and rebuked and censured her father. He subjected her to great difficulties but she remained steadfast on her iman.

Lesson: Glory be to Allah! How courageous she was that she did not abandon her iman even when in difficulty! O women! You should also be strong-willed at the time of difficulties and do not act contrary to the Deen even if it equals a hair’s breadth.
Source: Bahesti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments)