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Purity Is From Allah Alone

Had it not been for the Grace of Allah upon you, none of you would have been purified, But Allah purifies whomesoever he desires” (quran 24:21)

From this ayat it becomes apparent that toogether with striving to attain spiritual purification it is also essential to attain the Graces and Mercy of Allah Rabbul izzat. We have to constantly entreat him to include us amongst those whome he has purified.

Movlana Rumi writes:

O Allah! If a thousand chains of carnal desires and satanaic deceptions have shackled our feet, we have nothing to fear if your Graces are upon us.”

The Quran, The Miracle.

The famous Arabist H A R Gibb was open upon about the style of the Qur’an. In his words: …

the Meccans still demanded of him a miracle, and with remarkable boldness and self confidence Mohammad appealed as a supreme confirmation of his mission to the Koran itself. Like all Arabs they were the connoisseurs of language and rhetoric. Well, then if the Koran were his own composition other men could rival it. Let them produce ten verses like it. If they could not (and it is obvious that they could not), then let them accept the Koran as an outstanding evident miracle.


And in some other place, talking about the Prophet(P) and the Qur’an, he states:

Though, to be sure, the question of the literary merit is one not to be judged on a priori grounds but in relation to the genius of Arabic language; and no man in fifteen hundred years has ever played on that deep-toned instrument with such power, such boldness, and such range of emotional effect as Mohammad did.[21]

As a literary monument the Koran thus stands by itself, a production unique to the Arabic literature, having neither forerunners nor successors in its own idiom. Muslims of all ages are united in proclaiming the inimitability not only of its contents but also of its style. …. and in forcing the High Arabic idiom into the expression of new ranges of thought the Koran develops a bold and strikingly effective rhetorical prose in which all the resources of syntactical modulation are exploited with great freedom and originality.

Knowledge and Pride

Pride is a dangerous spiritual disease that becomes an obstacle in our spiritual development and also a person who has pride is forbidden to enter Jannah.  May Allah cure us of pride.

There is a story of a learned man who boarded a ship to make a journey. Once he asked one of the crew men, knowing full well that he was not educated, if he had learned or read  a particular subject/ book. When the  man replied “No” he told him that  “he had wasted half his life .” The man sat down silent and diconsolate putting his face in his hands.

After a while the ship came accross some difficulty and started sinking. This was the crew mans opportunity. He asked the Scholar if he had learned swimming. The scholor relied “No”, to which the sailor said he had wasted “All of his life” as he jumped in to the water and swam to safety.

God Wanted Him To Be Successful

An Alim was asking h himself the question “Why of all the people in this world was he given faith?”. Out of millions and millions why was he chosen? It was bothering him, but then God made him realize answer. God wanted him to be successful.

Rejoice in the Pleasure of God.

The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Say, ‘There is no ability nor power except through Allah,’ (la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah) because it is a treasure of the treasures of the Garden.” [Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i, and Ibn Maja] The scholars say that one who truly realizes the meanings of this is already in the Garden of spiritual meanings, rejoicing in the Pleasure of Allah.nings, rejoicing in the Pleasure of Allah.

Everyday God Comes to You

Allah comes to us everyday of our lives. A test of faith comes to us every day of our life, sometimes in the form of Ebadah, sometimes disguised as a blessing sometimes disguised as a difficulty.

Its knowing how to confront and react to these is what then brings success to us. Eg to obey the command of Salaah, Hajj etc, to be patient in difficulty, to repel evil with good, to be forgiving, to be just, to be hopeful of Gods mercy, to make shukr for Gods blessings, to ask for forgiveness when having sinned, to make taubah and rectify mistakes, etc.

And for whomever the doors of supplication has been opened for them there is great favour.

Allah Resides in Broken Hearts.

Divina narrative: (hadith)

I am with those whose hearts are broken for my sake. (At haf 6/290).

The heart of a man receives shocks in many ways, eg anxieties, troubles, accidents, casualties thus the heart is broken, but why? Just to make it a target for Allahs mercy andbounty.

Dr Iqbal Poem:

The heart is like a mirror. Do not prevent it from being broken. It’s  breakage is more dearer in the sight of its maker (i.e Allah), than its safety. Almighty Allah being indeed the maker.

Dr Abdul Hayi Sahab used to say when Allah breaks the heart of any of His servants He desires to lift them to greater heights. These shocks, anxieties and sorrows which come to men are forced exertions in deen (faith) by which the servants progress in leaps and bounds to higher degrees and this is not possibele in normal circumstances. He used to recite a couplet:

“The potter threw down the pot to break it saying that afer breaking it he would reshape it (in a better form).

“The moon like beloved ones take up their residencein deserted houses, They reside in the hearts of those who they ruin.”

The devine light penetrates into the broken hearts, so do not be afraid of occasions of sorrow andshocks. If you truly and firmly believe in Allah hen this broken heart, these rising sighs and these tears will take you to greater heights of spiritual achievement.

“the Vally e of love is too far off, but some time a hundred years long journey is covered with one sigh, in the twinkling of an eye. Man should not therefore, get dejected and disappointed with these shocks and anxieties.”

Spiritual discourse By Mufti Taqi Uthmani