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“What is Religion?”

I am just thinking a person on the correct deen (religion) with true faith will feel beautiful inside. Not just feelings of love but true beauty. His words will be eloquent, inspiring, beautiful, his conduct would be the same beautiful, his smile would be beautiful. people would  infact feel beautiful and inspired in his presence, which is probably why he saintly ones don’t rely so much  on their words but the beauty of faith  inside their hearts to take people towards goodness.  Anyways i just wanted topost the following but felt like saying somewords first.  BE Beuttiful!

Aman came to the Last Messenger and asked, “O messenger of Allah, what is religion?”

The holy one summed it up by replying: “Good Conduct.”
Then the man came to his front and asked: “O Messenger of Allah, what is religion?” He again replied: “Good Conduct.”
Then he came to his left side and asked: “what is religion?”Again reply was given: “Good Conduct.”
Then he came to his back side and asked the same question: “what is religion?” The Holy Prophet Muhammad replied once again with his sincere tongue: “Good Conduct.”
The Last Messenger, Muhammad Mustafa, for humanity is the example par excellence, specially when it comes to human character. Since very young age he was known as al-amin (faithful, sincere) to his town-folks, ages before he was mantled with the mantle of Prophethood. About whom God bear witness that, “And most certainly you (O Muhammad, my Messenger of Love, Beauty and Harmony) are on sublime morality (exalted standard of character).” (68:4)

Purity Is From Allah Alone

Had it not been for the Grace of Allah upon you, none of you would have been purified, But Allah purifies whomesoever he desires” (quran 24:21)

From this ayat it becomes apparent that toogether with striving to attain spiritual purification it is also essential to attain the Graces and Mercy of Allah Rabbul izzat. We have to constantly entreat him to include us amongst those whome he has purified.

Movlana Rumi writes:

O Allah! If a thousand chains of carnal desires and satanaic deceptions have shackled our feet, we have nothing to fear if your Graces are upon us.”

“Forgive The One Who Oppresses You.”

if we and everyone  remembered these short advises the world and life we live in would be a better more peaceful place

It is related that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam said “Associate with one who shuns you. Forgive the one who oppresses you. Give to the person who gives you nothing. I was commanded  to invite people to the divine path by menus of wisdom, sound advice, talking, and listening, always urging them toward what was better… Anas Bin Malik used to relate: “I served the Prophet for ten years. In no work at all did he ever say, ‘You have done wrong” or, ‘Why did you do that?’ When I did something well, he used to bless me. Whenever I did something that displeased him, he would say; ‘The command of God is an absolute decree’ (33:35). He himself used to arrange the fodder of his own mount. He used to come home and light the lamp himself. When the strap of his sandels broke he himself replaced it. He used to mend his torn garments with his very own hands and he would help the servants in the house.”

The Hilm of Yousuf Alahis Salaam.

Bismillah-ir Rehmanir-Raheem

I was reading something yesterday in a book “tazkiratul Ambiya” (stories of the Prophets) about Yousuf Alaihis salaam when he saw his mother (Rahils)grave he went to it and broke down in tears. He had been separated from his father, thrown into a well by his brothers, shackled in chains, etc  so naturally he was upset.  To cut a long story short his words and tears made all of the Angels in the heavens cry. Allah thus sent gabriel to help him and Gabriel asked Yousuf what he would like him to do, but Yousuf said “Hilm” was the practice/ nature of Allah, i.e Allah didn’t do things in Haste thus he too was going to practice Hilm and was not going to ask Allah to solve his problems all at once.

So this got me thinking What is Hilm, ie its nature, whats the definition? As we need it too. Thus I found this definition:

“Hilm or perseverance means to hold in check the nafs in the face of events which are distasteful to one.”

Islam: Respect of Food.

Jabir reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “If one of you drops a morsel, he should pick it up and wipe off any dirt on it and eat it ……He should not wipe his hand with a cloth until he has licked his fingers. He does not know in what part of the food the blessing lies.” [Muslim]

An alim commented that if this mush respect is given to  food, where the Prophet Sallalahu alaihi wasalam taught us to pick up a dropped morsel of food, to wipe it clean and then to eat it then how much respect should we be giving to people?

e calm, O ‘Aisha! Allah loves that one, should be kind and lenient in all matters

Peace Be Upon You. My Prophet Sallallahu alaii Wasalam was even polite when people were rude at Him. I was reading about muslim greeting yesterday, how infact it is a prayer , much more than a greeting and meaningful than Namaste or namashkar or hello etc: The muslim greetingbeing Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi waarakatuhu Peace Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you. And its one of the rights of the muslim that we greet them and response to their greeting.

Anyways whilst reading that It explained how to reply non muslims eg with Wa Alaykum eg if they say Good morning we say Good morning back or atleast say Wa Alayku. (And upon You). Anyhow then this hadith came along about how Hazrat Aisha RA was angry at some jews who greeted the Prophet PBUH with a curse and it explained they had been doing this for a while but this was when Hazrat Aisha RA heard it.

Narrated ‘Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) A group of Jews entered upon the Prophet and said, “As-Samu-Alaikum.” (i.e. death be upon you).

I understood it and said, “Wa-Alaikum As-Samu wal-la’n. (death and the curse of Allah be Upon you).”

Allah’s Apostle said “Be calm, O ‘Aisha! Allah loves that one, should be kind and lenient in all matters.”

I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Haven’t you heard what they (the Jews) have said?”

Allah’s Apostle said “I have (already) said (to them) “Wa alaykum ! ” (And Upon you)

With Every Hardship Comes Ease.

“With every hardship comes ease.”

If anyones out there worrying their minds off, distressed and sad. Remember every hardship comes with ease.

Think of it in terms of labour pains, etc. The pain is at its strongest just before delivert and then….. its all over, relaxation. The pain is then followed  by joy and happiness. Then another test begins t grows up .. but not to worry, hopefully gets married and leaves. So you see every hardship comes and is followed by ease. And those who bare it patiently collect  the most fruits.

” Sabr ka Phal Meetha Hai”.