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Inscribed on Layla’s Headstoned

Two lovers lie in one tomb

United forever in deaths dark womb.

Faithful in separation, true in love:

May one tent house them in heaven above.

Just read this in a book by Reza Aslan, “No God but God”, in a chapter on sufism.  The words were  inscribed on Layla’s headstone after their deaths. (layla and Majnun).

Does She Love Him?

as wr wb,

A week or so ago I was walking to the car park with a colleague/ friend  from work, “Madame C”,  for the sake of anonymity. Anyways we were discussing relationships and basically she told she was buying a house with her sister and they were going to share it costs etc. My questions lead to what will you do when you want to start a family etc.. And basically she ended up telling me she didn’t want to live with her Boy Friend of 5 years…. she liked it the way it was, Him in his house her with her parents..  I thought this was a bit curious.. I asked her a few more things and when it came to the question of what if he wants to be “looked after” (mothered) she said well he can… “Get on his bike, if he expects that from me”, lol. I just laughed and basically got in my car and drove off laughing.

Later that night I was wondering and I thought ” Does She Love Him?”  From the mans point of view must be nice to have someone without any “stresses”, however except when he wants something She might tell him  to “Get on his bike.”

Maybe relationships are different these days or perhaps people love their independence and freedom. Maybe this generations view about Households, families, relationships  have changed?