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Their Growing Up!

You ask who? Well its the pigeons..


Baby Pigeon, 4 Days Old

Baby Pigeon

Pigeon News


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some of you may know I keep pigeons :$ (Iranian High Flyers) and that the pair of pigeons I had were incubating the eggs. Well Alhumdulillah Good news Eggs hatched and there are 2 little tiny chicks (growing fast)

if you look at the pictures you can see the eggs the day before hatching and the little lumps with the chick trying to hatch out..

And of course the chick of whom I took the pics this morning.

Egg Number 2.

Guess what? those who


follow my pigeon trail, wil be pleased to know the second egg of the clutch was layed yesterday.

Now its all about Trusting Allah. He gives Life and He gives death.

Isn’t it Amazing @ Allahs reproductive systems? From Pigeons to Eggs. to Chicks to Pigeons.

I mean like such a perfect shape and colour of eggs. With a perfect shell. Thier never square always the same shape. Amazing how the pigeons will also make the nest. These have a bowl to start with but they will still weave the straw and grass to make a strong nest. You can actually lift the nest and it won’t break. It stays in one piece.  The pigeonswil start to produce a special pigeon milk inthier crops which they will feed to the young chicks. This milks is full of goodness which allows the chick to develop quicky and strong. the chicks are born blind but they willraise thier necks and open thier beaks and placethem inside the parents mouth from where they will suck the milk out. Andif all goes well in 6 weeks time the chicks become independent.
And pigeons are very clever, they home. Meaning if you take a pigeon hundreds of miles away and release them, they will circle once or twice the area which they were released from and then fly directly home.

They have a built in GPRS satellite navigation system. No need for batteries and cables its all in their clever brains and if you look at them, you cann tell they are extremely sharp.

Ma salams