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Remember Abraham was thrown in the fire.

Zakariya had his skin peeled with a metal comb

Ayuub (job) faced years and years of illness

Yaqub (jacob) was separated from his most loved son.

Yousuf was separated from his father, thrown in to a well, imprisoned

Moses was persecuted by the Phaoroh

Jesus was persecuted

Peace be Upon them All

Our Beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasalam was forced from His beloved Mekkah, children died in infancy, His beloved Uncle Hamza Radhiallahu Anho was martyred, his friends and companions were martyred, His daughters were divorced..

Aasiya Alahis salam was tortured by Phaoroh,

Sumiyyah Radhiallahu Anha was martyred with a spear, she was of old age,

Hajira was left abandoned in the barren land.


So you see we are not alone in facing hardship. Its the practice of Allah that the more beloved you are the more severe the trial. These trials are to elevate us in rank in the eyes of Allah and so we can attain more pease and Allah’s pleasue in the Akhirah.

So never lose heart, keep hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah (God) loves you!


Verily Allah is with the Sabireen.

Jannat Khana

I wish just in the masjid and my eyes fell on a little notice which said “Jamaat Khana” which translates to congregation area but I read it wrong and saw it as “Jannat Khana” – Jannat  Area (Paradise Area.). Subhanallah. But then after I had corrected myself i thuought to myself how fitting it would be to actually call it The Area of Jannah! Because it truly is. Subhanallah. Reminded me of the Hadith:


If you pass by the groves of Paradise, be sure to graze in them,” and someone said: “What are the groves of Paradise?” to which he replied: “The circles of dhikr.”


Afterall Masjids are the place where people gather to remember Allah.


Today you will Cry, Tommorrow you will Smile

Time is a Wonderful Healer as God is time, He created time, He controls  time. Everything moves according to His timetable. (Not ours).

Todays  Ice will be tomorrows river.

SO when you are feeling down remember time, embrace time, embrace patience, embrace all love, embrace God i.e.embrace all that comes from God. Embrace every goodness. Most of all remember time, remember God.

Rremember Gods Words:

“With every hardship there comes ease.Indeed with every hardship there comes ease.”

Its just a matter of time. So Smile if you are sad because you are going to smile again. You’re Loved By God. Time ticks for you.

Just Be Righteous.

God is kindness

Be God Like – Be Kind.

This world could do with many God like people.

A person can realise when  his soul is being over powered by God and Love of God, when the God like qualities start to over power his soul.  forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, compassion  become as second nature to him as taking the name of God.

All It Takes is Strong faith, Conviction and Dtermination.

All it takes is a strong faith (iman) determination and conviction in order to succeed.

The examle is of the sahabah radhiallahu anhum in the Battle of badr only 313 in number, poorly equipped in terms of dunyah but each with a wealth of iman and they succeeded with Allah’s help.

We must build ourselves to be like them whom the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam told us were our guiding stars.  They are the ultimate role models.

May Allah give us of his grace…Ameen

Progress and Extravagance.

I was reading something last night that talked about progress that there is nothing wrong with progress in the Dunya, however some progress is in fact wasteful, detrimental. Eg there is a lot of progress in relation to fashion and hair styles but the actual outcome of it has become that people now spend so much more money on dressing themselves and fashioning their hair. And the western model which is adopted by muslims may is infact not progress at all. And on some occasions women totally removing all their hair has become “Fashionable”.

One thing that the authour had written and this was before any lunar landing on the moon that some countries were looking at the opportunities of landing on the moon and perhaps setting up colonies there.  He said any such journey should be based upon Shariah Knowledge that eg where a journey is dangerous and there is a threat to life then these journeys or voyages should not be undertaken.. Another point he had made was when there is sufficient unoccupied land available on the earth then what is the need to set up communities in space (lol). Thus he was saying that this is an example of progress which is not in fact progress but rather a huge waste of resources which could otherwise be utilised  better elsewhere. He said this before any trips to the moon and lives lost due to the Space Shuttle malfunctioning.

A good article to read on this would be the chapter on”Progress in Islam” in the book “Life of a Muslim” by Movlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

A Guest Book Comment tThat I Left Someone:

A guestbook comment that I left someone:

Don’t forget God made you
and there are Great things for you to do.
Make yourself a part of Gods Good Divinpe plan.
Beseeching God to make you his brush with which he paints his image in to the hearts of people.
be a reflection of that Eternal Beauty.
BE sublime in your words and in your deeds.
Let your deeds be coated in the Beloved ways of Gods Most beloved. The ways of the Rasul of Allah.
Thee is only one Beautiful way to God. Muhammadur Rasullullah.

Be a flower whos scent spreads to all those near
but when it dies it leaves pocket full of seeds which are spread far an near.
Then those seeds sprout again the following spring;
growing up to emit fragrance once again’ Far and Near and so the legacy carries on.

Be Beautiful as god Loves Beauty, He created it so He Appreciates it.
Be Dutiful and sincere. God Loves His devotee.
Most of All be Gods Charm. Gods Smile, GOds Warmth. GOds Comfort. Gods Light burning bright.
Be Gods Heaven on Earth, Let all those who come in to contact with you taste the peace and beauty of heaven in your presence.

You made a place in my heart so now You have to make Gods Place in Every Heart.
Let every single HEart Beat “I Love you, only YOu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu”.

La elaha illallah,

love from someone you once knew up close and tight