The Hilm of Yousuf Alahis Salaam.

Bismillah-ir Rehmanir-Raheem

I was reading something yesterday in a book “tazkiratul Ambiya” (stories of the Prophets) about Yousuf Alaihis salaam when he saw his mother (Rahils)grave he went to it and broke down in tears. He had been separated from his father, thrown into a well by his brothers, shackled in chains, etc  so naturally he was upset.  To cut a long story short his words and tears made all of the Angels in the heavens cry. Allah thus sent gabriel to help him and Gabriel asked Yousuf what he would like him to do, but Yousuf said “Hilm” was the practice/ nature of Allah, i.e Allah didn’t do things in Haste thus he too was going to practice Hilm and was not going to ask Allah to solve his problems all at once.

So this got me thinking What is Hilm, ie its nature, whats the definition? As we need it too. Thus I found this definition:

“Hilm or perseverance means to hold in check the nafs in the face of events which are distasteful to one.”


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