Knowledge and Pride

Pride is a dangerous spiritual disease that becomes an obstacle in our spiritual development and also a person who has pride is forbidden to enter Jannah.  May Allah cure us of pride.

There is a story of a learned man who boarded a ship to make a journey. Once he asked one of the crew men, knowing full well that he was not educated, if he had learned or read  a particular subject/ book. When the  man replied “No” he told him that  “he had wasted half his life .” The man sat down silent and diconsolate putting his face in his hands.

After a while the ship came accross some difficulty and started sinking. This was the crew mans opportunity. He asked the Scholar if he had learned swimming. The scholor relied “No”, to which the sailor said he had wasted “All of his life” as he jumped in to the water and swam to safety.


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