Gods Assurance : Taqwa and Tawakkul

The One God Allah, The Creator and Master of the seven earth and seven skies and all that it contains, The Most Mighty, The Most Powerful, The One who can do anything just by willing it is  telling us:

And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah (adopts TAQWA) , Allah will appoint a way out for him,And will provide for him from (a quarter) whence he hath no expectation. And whosoever putteth his trust in Allah, He will suffice him. Lo! Allah bringeth His command to pass. Allah hath set a measure for all things.

Al Quran 65 2-3


If you will as though you are stuck in a cave and you can see darkness all around there are no signs of light, no signs of escape,  know that if the light of Taqwa  penetrates your heart  you will be appointed a way out for your problems by Allah the Glorified and Majestic Himself and if Allah helps you then you need no others assistance.

Reflect on these verses Inshallah.


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