Progress and Extravagance.

I was reading something last night that talked about progress that there is nothing wrong with progress in the Dunya, however some progress is in fact wasteful, detrimental. Eg there is a lot of progress in relation to fashion and hair styles but the actual outcome of it has become that people now spend so much more money on dressing themselves and fashioning their hair. And the western model which is adopted by muslims may is infact not progress at all. And on some occasions women totally removing all their hair has become “Fashionable”.

One thing that the authour had written and this was before any lunar landing on the moon that some countries were looking at the opportunities of landing on the moon and perhaps setting up colonies there.  He said any such journey should be based upon Shariah Knowledge that eg where a journey is dangerous and there is a threat to life then these journeys or voyages should not be undertaken.. Another point he had made was when there is sufficient unoccupied land available on the earth then what is the need to set up communities in space (lol). Thus he was saying that this is an example of progress which is not in fact progress but rather a huge waste of resources which could otherwise be utilised  better elsewhere. He said this before any trips to the moon and lives lost due to the Space Shuttle malfunctioning.

A good article to read on this would be the chapter on”Progress in Islam” in the book “Life of a Muslim” by Movlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.


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