A Guest Book Comment tThat I Left Someone:

A guestbook comment that I left someone:

Don’t forget God made you
and there are Great things for you to do.
Make yourself a part of Gods Good Divinpe plan.
Beseeching God to make you his brush with which he paints his image in to the hearts of people.
be a reflection of that Eternal Beauty.
BE sublime in your words and in your deeds.
Let your deeds be coated in the Beloved ways of Gods Most beloved. The ways of the Rasul of Allah.
Thee is only one Beautiful way to God. Muhammadur Rasullullah.

Be a flower whos scent spreads to all those near
but when it dies it leaves pocket full of seeds which are spread far an near.
Then those seeds sprout again the following spring;
growing up to emit fragrance once again’ Far and Near and so the legacy carries on.

Be Beautiful as god Loves Beauty, He created it so He Appreciates it.
Be Dutiful and sincere. God Loves His devotee.
Most of All be Gods Charm. Gods Smile, GOds Warmth. GOds Comfort. Gods Light burning bright.
Be Gods Heaven on Earth, Let all those who come in to contact with you taste the peace and beauty of heaven in your presence.

You made a place in my heart so now You have to make Gods Place in Every Heart.
Let every single HEart Beat “I Love you, only YOu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu”.

La elaha illallah,

love from someone you once knew up close and tight


4 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful, Masha’Allah.


  2. Posted by Momma bear on December 16, 2009 at 4:42 am

    quite inspiring


  3. Posted by Zoya on December 25, 2009 at 4:32 am

    SubhanAllah. This comment seems more like a necklace of pearls of wisdom.
    Very awe-inspiring!


  4. As Salam O Alaikum,

    This is Mohammed Faizuddin Sheikh, my blog is http://majesticislam.wordpress.com, my vision with MajesticIslam is not much different from yours. Propagation of Islamic principals and teachings that Muhammed (SA) taught to the mankind.

    I have page where I recommend the best of the blogs that provide Islamic teachings (majesticislam.wordpress.com/resource/).

    The general idea however is that I recommend your blog and you recommend mine, this will exchange our readers and the different Islamic information that we have to share.

    Let me know what you think?

    Email: faizzsheikh@gmail.com



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