“Is This True?”

People are afraid to tell me Gossip and tails. lol. Long time a go a wise knowledgeable man told some of us don’t belive everything you here or every tail people tell you.  He said Verify it, you never know if its half truth, fully truth and you’ll ed up making assumptions based on half truth and even lies. Thus Ive always had this habit  that if people tell me something about someone I usually, when I see them, ask them “IS this True?”.

And for this reason people have stopped telling me everything coz you can’t trust Maj, I Mean you can but he’ll go away and do his research.

Reminds me of a Hadith perhaps that goes something like a Judge shouldn’t pass a verdict or judgement  until he hears both sides of the argument but obviously sometimes this may be impossible in someones absence.

Its a bit like people who take certain verses of the Quran out of context and thereby mislead many people by the same.


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