Horse and Cart.

I was talking to a friend which reminded me of an incident that happened long time ago. It seemed quite funny at the time and even now ms me chuckle. Basically me and some friends were in Delhi learning about Dawah work and we had been sent to make some effort in an area of Delhi. Some others joined us from Bangladesh and some Americans. One of these Americans was HUGE.

One of the locals went and got a Tonga (Horse and Cart) on which we loade dup our baggage and we climbed on to it ourselves.

As we were travelling through the streets of Delhi on this Horse and Cart we got to a busy cross roads and riding up to the junction it had a little uphill gradient at the end, and the horse just couldn’t pull the cart up. (lol). Me and my friends we looked at each other and then the American Guy, basically he got off and the horse managed to  pull the cart up (lol). He climbed back on after we got past.  It seemed hystereically funny at the time and even makes you chuckle now but it also reminds me of a hadith now:

The Prophet mentioned that beast of burden like camels, ox, donkeys, horses, elephants etc. are not allowed to carry load that is too heavy and should be well fed and watered. Whenever the Prophet saw any animal over-loaded or ill-fed he would approached the owner and said, “Fear Allah in your ill treatment of animals.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL yea that was funny…..u shd get down too maj, make things even more easier for the horse. Wat happen to ur other site? closed?

    Hope ure well, salams..


  2. Which other site? The Group well no ones really interested so i think Im making my way back here.

    Hope all is well with you J.

    Wa alaikumus salam.


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