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You Are Not Alone

There was a verse that was revealed to Our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam. it was when he was migrating to Medinah from Mekkahwith Sayyidina AbU Bakr Radhiallahu anho. They were hiding in the cave and the mushrikeen of mekkah were coming, Sayidina Abu Bakr RA was worried and an Aya was revealed of which the first words were “La Tahzan Innallaha Ma ana” Do Not Grieve (Worry) Allah is With you”. Thereafter e know the story the spider came made the web, the pigeons came and laid some eggs, the non muslims saw the foot steps leading to the cave but looked at the web and pigeons and basically thought if someone was in there the web and pigeons would be broken and thus turned away.

Thus lessen the pain knowing Allah is near And seek His help with sabr and salat.

Anywyas I read a nice sisters blog and in response i wrote this a few advices I had read with regards to distress and worry, thought I would share it:

And Remember always whatever situation or circumstance we find ourselves in, we have to remind ourself that this is what Allah Has willed and this is what i best for me. For muslims every pain causes forgiveness of sins and its better to pay in this world than the hereafter especially if the trouble has been caused by our mistakes. And Allah knows our world and circumstances better than what we do. People only do what Allah makes them do.

Another advice from a pious sheikh  I read is that we have to prepare ourselves mentally for the anxiety to continue, we have to remember the rewards caused by grief and distress and at the same time pray to Allah to remove them but not hoping for a quick answer to our dua.

Also making lots of taubah and Astaghfar (seeking forgiveness) brings the mercy of Allah and this is indeed promised in the Quran in the form that it brings rain and prosperity.

And I guess there is more, Alhumdulillah you are feeling much better but inshallah you can remind others from the few suggestions that I left.

Hold on to patience always in grief as “Verily Allah is with those who make sabr” and the Best will Thank Allah even in times of grief and distress. Even the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasalam at one point felt suicidal from distress which was caused when the revelation had paused and the non muslims were taunting him. He was climbing the mountain to jump off it when the Angel Gabriel came and gave him a message that Allah has much work to take from you yet.

We are Never Alone.

Ma salams

Does God Love Sinners?

Indeed Allah Loves the Sinners!.

I was reading a question today” Does Allah Love the Sinners?”.

The simple is the best sinner is the one who seeks Frogiveness.

Allah doesn’t like the fact that we sin but He loves those who turn to HIm in repentance. its quoted as part of a hadith to thenearest meaning that ALlah says to the angels:” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness? and Allah forgives. Then the slave commits the same sin, Again Allah says ” What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness?” Again Allah forgives. The same person then commits sin again and turns to Allah again seeking forgiveness, again there is the same reply'”What my slave believes in Me and Fears me, that he turns to me asking for forgiveness”. He then Also adds you will tire in seeking forgivenes from me but I will not tire forgiving you. Subhanallah.

How Loving our Allah is.

Once Allah told Mosed when a righteous person turns to Allah, ALlah replies “I am Present my slave” ( Labaik Ya abadi), However when a sinner turns to Allah, Allah replies repeating HImself “Labaik Ya Abadi, Labaik Ya Abadi”. (I am present my Slave, I am present My Slave).

Subhanallah, never lose hope in the Love and mercy of Allah, and this is a compulsory act in Islam, to Always be hopeful of Allahs Mercy. However this is not to be misconstrued as an open invitation to sin as if we Love Allah then truly we would not want to displease him. A Lover doesn’t like upsetting His beloved. He Would Fear losing His Beloved.

Also I should add Allah’s Mercy isruch that when a person repents of the sin, Allah wipes out the sin and its replaced with a virtue. Subhanallah!

“Is This True?”

People are afraid to tell me Gossip and tails. lol. Long time a go a wise knowledgeable man told some of us don’t belive everything you here or every tail people tell you.  He said Verify it, you never know if its half truth, fully truth and you’ll ed up making assumptions based on half truth and even lies. Thus Ive always had this habit  that if people tell me something about someone I usually, when I see them, ask them “IS this True?”.

And for this reason people have stopped telling me everything coz you can’t trust Maj, I Mean you can but he’ll go away and do his research.

Reminds me of a Hadith perhaps that goes something like a Judge shouldn’t pass a verdict or judgement  until he hears both sides of the argument but obviously sometimes this may be impossible in someones absence.

Its a bit like people who take certain verses of the Quran out of context and thereby mislead many people by the same.

Indeed Man is Created Impatient.

Was reading someones comments earlier and made me think we as humans are impatient. Even at times of shock and change we tend to lose patience, we look for quick answers but sometimes the quickest solutions aren’t the best maybe things are going to be better in the long term.

Basically I’d read something aout someone being disappointed as their habits werent changing so they are sad. This sadnes sis natural however it shouldn’t lead to losing and heart and despondency as they might change in the future. And at the same time we porbably have things to be thankful for, I was thinking of Aasiya being married to Phaoroh who used to torture her for her belief in Islam, imagine being married to someone so horrible in nature believing themselves to be God? May Allah save us. Every coin has a flip side.

Horse and Cart.

I was talking to a friend which reminded me of an incident that happened long time ago. It seemed quite funny at the time and even now ms me chuckle. Basically me and some friends were in Delhi learning about Dawah work and we had been sent to make some effort in an area of Delhi. Some others joined us from Bangladesh and some Americans. One of these Americans was HUGE.

One of the locals went and got a Tonga (Horse and Cart) on which we loade dup our baggage and we climbed on to it ourselves.

As we were travelling through the streets of Delhi on this Horse and Cart we got to a busy cross roads and riding up to the junction it had a little uphill gradient at the end, and the horse just couldn’t pull the cart up. (lol). Me and my friends we looked at each other and then the American Guy, basically he got off and the horse managed to  pull the cart up (lol). He climbed back on after we got past.  It seemed hystereically funny at the time and even makes you chuckle now but it also reminds me of a hadith now:

The Prophet mentioned that beast of burden like camels, ox, donkeys, horses, elephants etc. are not allowed to carry load that is too heavy and should be well fed and watered. Whenever the Prophet saw any animal over-loaded or ill-fed he would approached the owner and said, “Fear Allah in your ill treatment of animals.”

Good Manners.

Hadith – Bukhari’s Book of Manners #271, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ahmad, and Ibn Hibban.

…Abu Darda’ reported that the Prophet of Allah, صلى الله عليه و سلم, said, “Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners.”

Salams, basically don’t forget to smile, say thanks, acknowledge a correspondence or trust, help someone etc.

Last week I was going home from work, my car had a puncture. Its winter freezing cold and I had to change the tyre. As I pulled the tyre off the car fell of the jack, Alhumdulillah  I was fine but the jack was trapped underneath the car and I couldn’t get it up plus it was too dangerous. In the end up I had to end up calling the RAC.  So I was waiting outside in the freezing cold and to my good fortune the people who lived in the house opposite where my car was parked came home and later actually invited me in and we had a chat etc. the Man  was paddy from Ireland and the girl was Sandra (Afro Carribean) and they were both extremely friendly and helpful, even invited me back to visit them. They were a happy couple lived in a tiny basement. much tinier than a basement I had seen before.  We had some food together I actually had to go make a call so I bought some take away on the way back with chips, lucky I had,  as they were eating by then (obviously non halal food) so they could continue eating without feeling bad as I had food to share with them too.

So in the end this what was going to be a cold long hard evening ended up being a pleasant warm evening, there were even issues  I could talk to them about which you can’t normally to everyone,  they were older been through life, have the experience of years but their good manners made the evening pleasant.  Sandra was extremely helpful.

The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him taught the world manners and etiquette its time we muslims also started practicing our values and one thing I gained from the whole experience was about spending time with non muslims something I have never done before.

Sandra kept saying and stressing about being good to people and that favours come back round.  Paddy is an out of work builder so if I ever have some work I need doing I got his number.

Simple Prescription for Relief From Worry and Anxieties.

Rather than concentrating upon your trouble concentrate upon the Beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasalam; i.e recite as much Salawat n salams as possble, Inshallah Allah will facilitate you and relieve you of worry and anxieties.


The Ulema have stated its a cure for all ailments worldly, spiritual and emoional.


Blessings Of Durood Shareef

“The Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) asked the Sahaba. “Who is a stingy and miserly person. The Sahaba responded: ” O Messenger Of Allah (sallallahu aliyhi Wassallam) A stingy person is he who has loads of wealth but does not spend it.” The Prophet of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wassallam) responded “No! a Stingy and Miserly person is he in whose presence my name is mentioned and he does not recite Durood.”

The Prophet of Allah ( sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) has said that whoever recites Durood upon me for his each recitation Allah Ta Ala will Forgive ten of his sins , his rank in paradise will be raised by ten Degrees, and he will receive ten blessings.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be the closest to The Prophet Of Allah (sallallahu Alaiyhi wassallam).

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, he will be relieved of his debts.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, at the time of his death he will blessed with the tawfiq to recite the Kalimah Tayabbah.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be protected from the punishment of the grave.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given the Tawfiq to perform Hajj.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given tawfiq to visit the Blessed Grave of our Beloved (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam).

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be blessed by seeing the Prophet of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) in his dreams.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, on the day of Qiyamah his face will be shining like the Moon on the 14th night of the month when it is at its brightest.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, he will be as close to The Prophet Of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) as the Index finger is to the middle finger on a hand.

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, will be given the water from the fountain of Al Kawthar to drink by The Prophet of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam).

Whoever recites Durood abundantly, and passes away and is buried in Medina
he will be amongst the first to receive devine mercy and to drink from
al Kawthar,and amongst the first to enter Paradise

Also remember the most Blessed Of Duroods is the Durood Ibrahimi . In this Durood You Not only remember the Beloved Of Allah (Sallallahu alaiyhi Wassallam) But You also remember The direct and Beloved forefather, Of Our Beloved Sallallahu alaiyhi Wassallam) Khaliliullah the friend of Allah Sayiddina Ibrahim (Alaiyhi Salaam). May Allah increase us in our love for them and may Allah also give us the Tawfiq to recite this Durood abundantly and not be lazy in our recitation ameen