Chris the Cleaner

As usual I went outside today to have my morning coffee on the bench outside the Bistro at work. Nice sunny but freshly cold day. We have a cleaner called Chris who was picking up the rubbish outside and he said to me “Maj hows the famiy?” I replied “All well thanks to God. He went on to say thats the main thing and continued ihs work. But our Chris is a bit witty and sharp minded  and for some reason always cheery. He turned round and said “If the family is good thats the main thing and if you have happiness thats a bonus” and laughed and carried on his way.

In some way there was truth in what he said I remembered this HAdith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalams that goes something like..”If you wake up in the morning healthy and with sufficient provisions for the day then hes like the richest of men or king of the world” I can’t remember the exact words, sorry but its like hes actually rich.

“When one of you wants to look to a person who is superior to him in regard to wealth and disposition, it’s better for him to turn his glance once to the one who is inferior to him. To do so is necessary for not to be little the favor of Alah over yourselves.”

Afther that a hippy cam and sat next to me teeth missing smoking something, must have been in his sixties but he was educated went to university studied sociology and Economic History. Told me he had been in Afghanistan during the 1970’s, with his black wife from Gambia, they hadn’t seen a black woman before so they were naturally fascinated by her and we talked about a lot of things but maybe its too long and political to mention here. She was even taken to meet the then king. lol He lives now in Gambia but ts funny he told me they don’t like him visiting Britain even though he is British.


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