Its all about Love.

Its all about Love.

This is because He loves Allah and thus He Loves what Allah loves. And Allahs most Beloved is the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasalam and Allah made Him as he tells us in the “Quran” the ’Usawatun Hasanah@: The Beautiful Example.

And we read the Kalimah of which the Second part is “Muhammad Ar Rasoolallah” thus we profess and take Muhammad as our Prophet and Example and that we would follow his way and teachings.

Everything about the Prophet PBUHis Blessed, He is so blessed that Allah and His angels send blessings upon the Prophet PBUH 24 hours a day continuously. Thus as Allah loves His Prophet and His ways anyone adopting the Sunnah receives continuous blessings too.

Thus May Allah help us make our 24 hour live according to the Sunnah: Our waking, eating, walking, sleeping, talking, playing, working, friendship, greeting, loving, praying, clothing, etc.

Assalamu alaikum wr wb.


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