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Its all about Love.

Its all about Love.

This is because He loves Allah and thus He Loves what Allah loves. And Allahs most Beloved is the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasalam and Allah made Him as he tells us in the “Quran” the ’Usawatun Hasanah@: The Beautiful Example.

And we read the Kalimah of which the Second part is “Muhammad Ar Rasoolallah” thus we profess and take Muhammad as our Prophet and Example and that we would follow his way and teachings.

Everything about the Prophet PBUHis Blessed, He is so blessed that Allah and His angels send blessings upon the Prophet PBUH 24 hours a day continuously. Thus as Allah loves His Prophet and His ways anyone adopting the Sunnah receives continuous blessings too.

Thus May Allah help us make our 24 hour live according to the Sunnah: Our waking, eating, walking, sleeping, talking, playing, working, friendship, greeting, loving, praying, clothing, etc.

Assalamu alaikum wr wb.

e calm, O ‘Aisha! Allah loves that one, should be kind and lenient in all matters

Peace Be Upon You. My Prophet Sallallahu alaii Wasalam was even polite when people were rude at Him. I was reading about muslim greeting yesterday, how infact it is a prayer , much more than a greeting and meaningful than Namaste or namashkar or hello etc: The muslim greetingbeing Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi waarakatuhu Peace Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you. And its one of the rights of the muslim that we greet them and response to their greeting.

Anyways whilst reading that It explained how to reply non muslims eg with Wa Alaykum eg if they say Good morning we say Good morning back or atleast say Wa Alayku. (And upon You). Anyhow then this hadith came along about how Hazrat Aisha RA was angry at some jews who greeted the Prophet PBUH with a curse and it explained they had been doing this for a while but this was when Hazrat Aisha RA heard it.

Narrated ‘Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) A group of Jews entered upon the Prophet and said, “As-Samu-Alaikum.” (i.e. death be upon you).

I understood it and said, “Wa-Alaikum As-Samu wal-la’n. (death and the curse of Allah be Upon you).”

Allah’s Apostle said “Be calm, O ‘Aisha! Allah loves that one, should be kind and lenient in all matters.”

I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Haven’t you heard what they (the Jews) have said?”

Allah’s Apostle said “I have (already) said (to them) “Wa alaykum ! ” (And Upon you)

Ramadhans Over

Ramadan’s Gone.
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Ramadhans over, the Beautiful visitor has left us.  God had increased the reward of our virtues, Each fard was multiplied in reward by 70. Each Nafil salah we offered was rewarded like a fard salaah.

Allah had chained the satan and put him in the ocean so he could not spoil the fasting of muslims. Each day at the time of iftar thousands of people were were forgiven and freed from hell fire.

The dua of the fasting person was not rejected. In this month we had the nightof Power in which night the The “Angels and Ruh descend and would wish Salam ‘peace'” upon muslims till the time of fazr.

Each night we were favoured with taraweeh and reciting and listening to the Holy Quran.

On the day of Eid Allah rewarded the fasting muslims with forgiveness and whatever dua was made pertaining to this world and hereafter that was  accpted according to Gods wisdom ad infinite knowledge.

Plus many many more blessings; Jannah was decorated for muslims in this month. Angels were deputed to say Ameen to the prayers of fasting muslims.

But we seek forgiveness from Allah for our short comings and laziness in this month for surely we could have done better than we did and we thank Him for the little which he helped us to do in this month. And we ask Allah should he favour us with the month of Ramadan again to take better advantage of it.

May Allah forgive the sins of all the muslims who passed away before us and elevate thier status and we ask him for Husne Khatimah a good end on faith. Ameen.

Ma salams

Something Which Can Not Be Bought

If you had sold it a thousand times

I would have bought it a thousand times

because it was given with a love so true.