INNER JOURNEY BASECAMP: Honouring the Self – Just say NO!

I was trying to find an article on respecting boundaries and things but during the course of it came across this article its about saying”No” but I suppose it helps to understand why sometimes people might refuse something. Eg They may not give you their birth date or their weight.

INNER JOURNEY BASECAMP: Honouring the Self – Just say NO!

Inner_journey_base_camp Individuals with weak personal boundaries frequently have difficulty saying NO to unreasonable requests. When they pluck up the courage to stand up for what they believe, their newfound assertiveness may also be accompanied by feelings of guilt. What do you need to know and believe in order to say NO without guilt?

Top Ten Tips for Saying NO without Guilt
Make it easier to say “No” by acknowledging to your Self that:

  1. you have a choice.
  2. you have no need to explain your decision or behaviour.
  3. you have a right to ask for clarification.
  4. you have a right to ask for more time.
  5. you are a good person even if you do say “no”.
  6. you are honouring your personal boundaries.
  7. you are refusing the request, not the person asking.
  8. you are respecting the other person in your thoughtful response.
  9. you are giving priority to things important to you.
  10. you are respecting your Self.

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