As I arrived for Jummah Prayer at the masjid today I could hear the Imams voice on the loudspeaker, he was finishing off his talk, walking up the path I heard the words from the Holy quran “La yukalllifullaha Nafsan Illa Wusaha, ..”On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear.

(subhanallah, beautiful sonsoling sotthing words)

Thereafter I went down in to the basment to make my wudhu etc and went back upstairs. People were offering the 4 sunnahs before the Noon Prayer ( the reward of which according to hadith is equivalent to 4 rakahs of Tahajjud Prayer (night Prayer). Anyways  I went upstairs sat down on the floor joining the other  worshiper,  waiting for the prayer to start.  The Imam then made an announcement that the regular Imam was sick had been taken to hospital presumambly with what I prefer to call as Mexican flu  everyone was equested to pray for his health as well as all the other patients around the world.

All parents were requested to keep thier children at home and not send them for Quran lessons if their children were showing signs of illness.

Something I remember now having written this is that ilness causes the sins to be washed away. The dua of a patient is accepted even before he or she raises her hands and we are advised to treat our patients with sadaqah.


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