Some Interesting Points I read yesterday

I was reading a book yesterday, (in Urdu), Tazkhiratl Ambiya ( talk/ discussion of the Prophets) and I came across some interesting facts and narrations. Subhanallah. Its really very hard to relate them here but I will just jot down a few. What I was reading was a chaper with headings however the points I will jot down will be more in the form of questions and answers to get the point accross.

Why do people come in different colours?:

Because when Allah asked the angels to collect the soil (earth) from which Adam was made the Angels collected different type sof soils from different regions some wer red, some were blakc, some yellow, some tan brown , some  white etc. Hence the children of Adam were born in different colours.

Why did Angel Izrael Alayhis salam become the angel of death?

This because when the angels went to collect the soil the earth would say don’t collect from me as it will pain me to see whats created of me enter hell. Thus the angels would go back to God. However Angel Izrael told the earth its the command of God hence I must carryout the order.

Why does the earth have springs of water?

When the  earth Asked All (God) if he was going to put the creation into hell which were made from it, God replie Yes and hece the earth started weeping. The places where the tears came from formed springs which will flow till the last day.

Why is there more trouble and hardship in this life?

After the earth from which the human (Adam) was going to becreated Allas asked the angels to place it near the mount of Safa and Marwa (which is where the Kaa’ba is – Mekkah) for forty days.On it God  then made it rain water for thirty nine (39) days and on th fortieth day it was dry and clear this to prepare it for the creation of Adam.  As a result it symbolises  that mans life on earth will face more  hardship and pain and less comfort and happiness.

Why are some animals subservient to man?

After Adam and Eve (Hawwa) Alayhis salam were expelled from heaven, Adam was sent to India and Eve to a different partof the world. They were made toforget Arabic the language of heaven and were separated due to their sin. However forty years later after they had repneted to God, they were made to meet up again in Mekkah and were given back the languageof Arabic. Adam then proclaimed to the creation that he was sent as their Khalifah (leader) on earth. The creatures of the sea raised thier heads in the water and the creatures of the dry land came to him. He then passed his hand over some of the animls of the dry land (maybe this was because not all came to him, cant remember), the animals on whom he passed his hand over became subservient to Adam (man), e.g horses, camels, cows, goats, sheep, cats, chickens, pigeons, etc.

There were many other interting points unfortunately can’t remember all of them and not enough time to jot all down.

Hope you find them interesting.

One last Point I remember

Why do we have an angel with us to helpguide us to whats right?

Adam supplicated to Allah that man was weak and satan was a disbelieving enemy and how would man be able to follow the right guidance and stay good. Allah answered his prayer and told him each person would have an angel deputed with then on their hearts to inspire them to the good. Adam then became happy.

And Allah knows best, ma salaams


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