Obamas Speech: Is IT Too Late?

salaam ? Hi all,

I got a bit of Obamas speech the otherday on a BBC website. I have to say I was impressed at his words and quote from the Quran, etc. However  a few things struck me one of them was like He was appealing or talking to the “Muslims”, trying to regain trust etc.. Which made me think the was was on “Terror”so why now talking to all muslims?Is it because the terrorists were muslims or because muslims are terrorists or because all muslims feel terrorised?

Another thing I was contemplating was has it all come too late? A lot of damaged has already been done, hatred has refused too much fuel so is it now possible to put out the fire?  The media and politicians  etc has played a huge part in peoples perception, as soon as the word terror is mentioned it brings up a an imag of a muslim in the mind. However at the same time now im in the hearts of muslims as soon as the word America is mentioned the word “Villain” goes throught he hearts of muslims.

Ipersonally would bevery surpised if there was peace and I would not at all be surprised if the chaos multiplied.

What do you think?


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