Diet Day 2

A little briefing on how my diets going.. not very good I think,

Well basically I still have n idea of my weight so still don’t know wether I am over weight or not. I am trying to find some “BMI scales”.  I did an online BMI yesterday guessing my weight at … xx kilos (I leared from someone never to disclose your weight) and it said I was approximatley 10 kilos over weight.   So I guess that is  not a huge amount I have to lose.

About eating well I got home and had some meat curry but then again had it at midnight as I was feeling hungry so I think i need to find a replacement midnight snack as suggested by Ms Hajar alwi..  I don’t think an apple would satisfy me maybe some cereal??

Some of you might remember me mentioning a sandwich well I remembered after I got home last night that I had not eaten  it, hence I have found it at work this morning. Don’t worry I am not tempted to eat it today. But the good news is I fried myself a Cauliflower cheese Grill for my lunch today. Like I say it sounds healthy but then again I had to fry it. The bad news is I am on my second coffee this morning.


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