Diet: Day 1

salams, not sure how well my diet is going. I don’t know how much I weigh or anything. I just feel a bit heavy around the tummy area.

Anyways as part of my “strict” new regime I made myself some sandwiches yesterday. Normally I tend to skip lunch eat a few times in the evening, but last night I bought myself some healthy looking sandwich rolls (one is still unconsumed) they had seeds on them and I filled them with creamy colesaw. Not something that I tend to eat but it looks healthy. I evenbought myself a small bottle of tropical juice and skipped the coffee I have a work in the morning. Although I do fell like a coffee just now. And I even went for a walk around the ilding (10 minutes). half way round I thought to myself “Maj if you walk lazily thats not going to burn any calories speed up a bit,” so I did basically. Now I am herewriting this blog, not entirely sure what the eating plan for the rest of the day will be.

The guy i woked with told me to buy Nintendo wii and a game that apparently helps you keep fit???

You know Im shy whenI eat, right now Im feeling hungry, I have one of my sandwiches but if I take it out the bag its going to involve the bag rustling, bringing my colleagues attentionto it, then hes prob gona watch me as I bite through it… so all this makes me shy about eating it.

Are you a shy eater?


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  1. excuse the typos


  2. It appears as if the hunger cravings are taking its toil on your writings … just joking. 🙂 I think your friend is referring to the Wii fit. Some of my friends are using it. Seems to work for them.

    There is this quote that happens to suit my eating style … “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper.” I’m not shy when it comes to eating. But I guess one has to know when to pull the stops and leverage from there. Like if you’re hungry, instead of having sandwiches how about having fruits or nuts mix instead? Btw, food that looks healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. 🙂

    Perhaps this article might be of assistance.


  3. Subhanallah what a beautiful quote. ive heard something similar like breakfast is Gold, Lunch is silver and dinner is iron.

    You know I used to be a very controlled eater I would never eat more than I needed to but then I suppse as inactivity grows in life, could be mental or even physical we tend to eat to fill in the boredom gaps.. maybe I am like that. But Inshallah I am going to start controling how much I eat.

    I’ll definitely read that article and all tips are appreciated. I did have a slice of apple a few days ago :$


  4. You know, there are other ways to fill in the boredom gaps instead of stuffing yourself. 🙂

    Nothing to it. A slice of apple, eh? Well, it has to begin from somewhere. By itself, is already a good start. 🙂


  5. true Apples are nice, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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