As wr w wb,

I received an email the other day basically it was one of them emails that get forwarded asking you to forward it on to as many people as you like. It contained a beautiful prayer, and explained the virtue of prayer that every prayer is accepted and answered by God, maybe not always in te way we like but according to His wisdom. BUT what  struck me was the name of the sender “Hasanuddin”.  Subhanallah what a beautiful name:  “Beautiful in Deen”. May Allah make us all beautiful in deen. I remember when I was young I secretly wanted to be called Majiduddin. (Glorious in Deen) but I ended up calling myself  Abdul Majid. I was named Majid and Islamically its not really right as Majid refers to God (Glorious) hence I became known as Abdul Majid. (slave of the Glorious). However Glorious in Deen would have been nice..

O Allah, Tempt me not to seek help from other than Thee when I am distressed, to humble myself in asking from someone else when I am poor, or to plead with someone less than Thee when I fear.



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