I keep saying this but the reason why you are beautiful is because God made you. Your natural flaws are not really flaws but in fact part of your beauty and personality.If it wasn’t for those paticular charcteristics you would be someone else.

God made you mot perfectly, he breathed your soul in to you  and  molded your body in the mothers womb. He then nourished both your body and your soul and then set you free to live your life in this  world.

Now, riches and wealth status won’t make you a nice person, good actions make people a nice person. With great effort on our souls we can reach the heavens, the Knower of the Hidden secrets, and we can earn a life of bliss on earth and bliss in the hereafter.

We humans made effort on the things of this world, so much so that metal is now flying in the air; If only we had made the same kind of effort on our souls, Just as Muhammad and Esa and Abraham taught (peace be upon them) then we too would have been flying in heaven.

No one truly dies in this world, we just pass away from here, My God help us pass away to some thing much better. (ameen).

If y just read this blog, remember God Love you and wants you to succeed.

In one of the travels of the prophet (peace and blessings upon him), one of his companions removed baby pigeons from a nest, the mother hovered over his head, seeing this he inquired from his companions if they knew who had taken her chicks, he (peace and blessings upon him) then returned the chicks to their nest in kindness and mercy to the pigeon.

God Loves us more than a mother loves her child.


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  1. How true, Bro Maj. We are perfect in God’s eyes, just not in our own.


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