Random Everyday Thoughts: Don’t worry Be Happy.

Is it worth worrying about things you can’t change? I guess the answer is no thus from this I guess we can deduce that:

  • There is no point looking back and crying about it, because the past is not going to come back.  Just have to accept everything that was and happened and get on with the present time.

Is it worth worrying about what people think about you? I guess Not, they are not under your control. Their feelings are not under your controlf. If they love us Good, If they hate us good.

  • The best thing to worry about is our own behavior as that is something under our control.

Should we worry about finance? No. Why Not? Because:

  • Rizk (provisions) is something Allah has taken control of:  He increases it for whom He will and He reduces it for whom he wills. Now if God is under control of it why worry about it?
  • The only thing worth worrying about when it comes to “provisions is what God put under our control; the effort. The rest is up to God. You might become rich, you might become poor… A child makes no effort, its still a baby but its Father is  a milionaire. Its fate. A child is poor, he makes effort,  He bcomes rich. There is an investor a millionaire, the economy collapses over night he loses millions. Its fate. God Helps us with what we do and the end result is with God. So don’t stress too much.  Billions of animals in the world, smaller brains than humans, no technology, no automation, no oil but yet the sleep on full bellies.

The effort is always up to us the result is beyond us. Don’t worry about controlling what necessarily isnot under your control. Ony worry about the things under ones own control.  Just do things right.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by J on May 25, 2009 at 3:59 am

    I read in a magazine, one of the relevance of the serenity prayer:

    grant me serenity-
    to accept the things I cannot change,

    to change the things i can,

    and wisdom
    to know the difference.

    Salams maj, hope ure well. I met my bro yesterday at my mom’s place, didnt talk much to him but wen i wanted to leave, B n the rest already waiting outside, my bro called n pulled me to the room n he said sorry, apologized abt the sms thing. I punched him on his chest, he punched me back on my face lol.

    May Allah make him strong to face his prob and may everything goes well for him ameen.


    • SUbhnnlah what a beautiful prayer. and May ALlah increase the love between you n your bro and all brothers and sisters in the world.


  2. Often we worry about things which are not indispensable in life … as we get caught up with the realities of life as in the materialism and worldly matters, and expecting the moon to fall upon one’s own lap.. hoping and just hoping that God will provide for us without putting any effort towards realizing it…


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