Heart to Heart

I was replying to someones blog earlier about whether Chirstianity had the same as muslims in the sense of Sheikhs  of Tasawwuf. Basically they are spiritual guides who help us to cure ourselves of spiritual illnesses related to the heart. (The Hidden sins like pride vanity etc)

Anyways it got me thinking about how lucky I had been.. Allahs given me some favours. I was thinking back over my life and ALhumdulillah trough the grace of Allah I have had the opportunity to meet and be in the company of some special personalities:

  • Movlana Maseehullah khan Saheb. Through Allahs grace I met him when I was approximately 12 years old. He was visiting the Uk and was staying at the house of one of his Khalifas. He was brough to visit the members of the Hafiz class (kids memorising Quran, of which I was a member then). It was a Saturday morning ad basically I remember meeting him. He was a senior one opf the most senior  khalifahs of Movlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullah alaihi.
  • Movlana Zakariyyah Khandlavi: Alhumdulillah through the grace of Allah I met (shook hands) with sheikh zakariya and listened to one of his talks and was part of the congregation when he made dua.  He was very old and He was lying on a bed, wearing a glove to protect his hand from cold and perhaps to protect his hands as He would probably end up shaking hands of hundreds of people. A lot of people may be familiar with one of his books “Fazaile Amaal”.  He again was an Alim and sheikh of tasawwuf.
  • Movlana Inamul HasanRahmatuallah alaihi. He was the third Amir of the work of dawah which was rekindled by Movlana Ilyas rahmatullah Alaihi. I was lucky enough to sit with him in his room after asr prayers when he used to make dhikr. ALhumdulilallah i would listen to his talks and be part of the dua congregation when the groups of people would leave the Nizamudin Masjid in Delhi India.  Alhumdulillah I even took bait at his hands (pledge in Delhhi Markaz, nizamuddin) Subhanallah what a beautiful place and people were there. Again he was an Alim, A sheikh and inolved in dawah.
  • Movlana Abrarul haqq Rahmatullah alaihi: Subhanallah when my eyes first fell on him all I could wonder at was how Full of light He was. Just lots of NUR. He was a small person very fair complexioned.  He laid a lot of importance on the importance of sunnah. And my “sheikh” and the other Alims would always be cautious around him. He would be very quick at correcting them. I met him after my “sheikh” with whom I have/ had a connection for Islaah (rectification) suggested I should take bait with him. I sort of wondered in my mind whether I should or not but Alhumdulillah I made the right choice.  People say they even had visions of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasalam after they had been in his company. He was given permission to initiate (khilafat) at a very young age and He was the last living Khalifah of Movlana Ashraf Ali thanvi Rahmmatullah alaihi.
  • My “sheikh” Movlana Abdul rauf Saheb.. what can I say about him except that He is beautiful and May Allah increase his Health, Status, knowledge, wisdom, barakah and all good. He has been a disciple of Sheikh zakariya Rahmatullah alaihi. Thereafter on advice took bait with Movlana Maseehullah khan saheb; also became his Khalifah( appointed to initiate students). He also was khalifah of Movlana Abrarul Haqq Saheb. He informed me after the passing away of Movlana Abrarul Haqq Saheb he asked Movlana Hakem Aktar Saheb (damat Barakatuhum) to be his Spiritual guide.
  • Hafiz Patel Saheb Damat Barakatuhum. When I and some of my friends first started to become more religiousabout Islam , it was the guidance and inspiration derived from Hazif Saheb that became our main source of energy. What to say about hafiz Saheb except that his efforts for deen and Dawah are relentless day and night. Travelling the world at an old age. Nothing seems to deter Him from the work. May Allah elevate Him and accept all his efforts.
  • other special personalities I have met heard include: Movlana Omar saheb Palanpuri Rahmatullah Alaihi. (Amazing person, amazing talks,) Movlana Hakeem Akhter Saheb Damat baraktuhum.

Allah says in the Quran “Qunu Ma as sadiqeen” be in the company of pious people. And a little time in the company of   pious person is more valuable than years and years of nafil worship.

May Allah enable us all to benefit from the company of the Sadiqeen. Ameen.

“Which of the favours of your Lord will you then Twain ( Man and Jinn) deny?” Surah Ar Rehman.

All the above reminds me of the hadith or story where it was announced that the estate of the Prophets wasbeing distibuted in the Masjid. WHen a muslim went to look he didn’t find any wealth being distributed except he saw the knowledge of islam being taught etc. He was told this is the legacy of the Prophet peace be upon them. The silsila (chain) of sheikhs lead back to the Prophet Salallahu alaihi wasalam. The faidh (spiritual blessings) is passed from Heart to Heart. the shinier the heart the more we will reflect.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alpha Dude on June 27, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Asalamu Alaykum bro,

    Can I ask you about Maulana Abdul Rauf? You said: “My “sheikh” Movlana Abdul rauf Saheb.. “, by shaykh, do you mean he is your murshid?

    I was thinking of doing bait with him, but when I approached him in person to ask, he said he’s not currently doing it. I’ve heard different things – some say he does take on new students and others have said he doesn’t. Can you give any clarification on this please?

    Also, if you know, what is the (biological) lineage of the shaykh. Is he a descendent of the Prophet SAW? Were his own ancestors renowned shaykhs? What was the name of his father and grandfather?

    Sorry for the questions. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me any help.

    JazakAllah Khayr


  2. ws wr wb,

    He does not take bait you might ask him if you can keep islahi taaluq with him.

    Biologicl tree, I don’t know.



  3. Posted by mahvish khan on February 22, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    what is bait?can i take bait with a pious lady.there is one lady,she is successor of moiuddin chisti.she said she took bait with bibi fatima n other ladies of prohphet muhammed (saw)in dream.she has some spritual powers also ive experienced some.


    • Assalamu Alaikum Brother,

      I think you need to put your question to a pious Alim. I’m not qualified to give Fatwas.

      There have been many pious ladies the most Noble of All Being Maryam Alaihis Salam the Mother of Isa Alaihis salam


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