I was taught this Phrase many years ago

I was taught this phrase many years ago. It was part of a longer “dawah” given to brothers whome we met during our trips outside. I still find i say it to myself many times during the day. Extremely useful and puts our thinking STRAIGHT.  We stop blaming others for failures and praising ourselves for successes.

The phrase is

All Success is ONLY in the Hands of Allah

However to get the true yaqeen (belief of that in to our hearts we need to contemplate over it. Read about it. Talk about it and invite others to it (dawah) And most of all we need to ask Allah for it.


An example of this was when Abraham was put in the fire. Allah commanded the fire to be cool.O FIRE BE COOL, AND A MEANS OF SAFETY FOR EBRAHIM.” (Quran 21:69) The fire did NOT burn Abraham peace be upon Him. Thus All success is only in the hands of Allah Subhanahu wa ta Aala.


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