Fathers Dua

A little dream I had today triggered some thoughts in me about something I had read that basically a fathers dua(prayer)  for his son is accepted. (In my dream my father was making dua… etc)  May Allah grant me the good of the dream I had and save me from the bad in the dream. They say dreams should only be related to people you trust or knowledgeable persons as otherwise people may give you the wrong interpretations of dreams. Having said that not much attention should be paid to dreams as sometimes they are a result of our subconscious  thinking etc. Not all dreams are from God and some are from Satan.

Anyways I wanted to clarify what I remembered and I found this blog out there which I want to share with all “Sons” out there:

Missing Father’s dua

Hadhrat Mansoor Ali Khan sahib db, a senior murid of Hadhrat Arif-billah Dr. Abdul Hayy and khalifa of Hadhrat Shah Abrarul Haqq sahib (may Allah have mercy on them) adviced an individual;

“Take good care of your father.

His dua (prayers) is accepted for sure. This is stated in sayings of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

In masjid-e-nabawi this Ramadhan, I heard a Syrian Shaykh telling the young aspirants around him that a father’s dua (prayer) for his son is superior to the dua of 70 awliya (friends of Allah SWT) for that individual. This is the case even if the father is not a salih (pious) person.”

Allah SWT give us the tawfeeq. Ameen!


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