Does She Love Him?

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A week or so ago I was walking to the car park with a colleague/ friend  from work, “Madame C”,  for the sake of anonymity. Anyways we were discussing relationships and basically she told she was buying a house with her sister and they were going to share it costs etc. My questions lead to what will you do when you want to start a family etc.. And basically she ended up telling me she didn’t want to live with her Boy Friend of 5 years…. she liked it the way it was, Him in his house her with her parents..  I thought this was a bit curious.. I asked her a few more things and when it came to the question of what if he wants to be “looked after” (mothered) she said well he can… “Get on his bike, if he expects that from me”, lol. I just laughed and basically got in my car and drove off laughing.

Later that night I was wondering and I thought ” Does She Love Him?”  From the mans point of view must be nice to have someone without any “stresses”, however except when he wants something She might tell him  to “Get on his bike.”

Maybe relationships are different these days or perhaps people love their independence and freedom. Maybe this generations view about Households, families, relationships  have changed?



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  1. Interesting post. There was actually an article in a women’s magazine here in South Africa that was about husband and wives choosing not to live together anymore. Basically they spend their weeks apart and only weekends together.

    Does it mean they don’t love each other? Not necessarily, I think.


  2. Posted by Ishi on May 7, 2009 at 10:20 am

    nice post…..I think love means to be with each other in all conditions…and if its not like that then why we need love….every person can get every facility near by him….


    • I guess if there is love your always together even when your worlds or miles apart. It binds you.

      Those who Love god, they dont see Him but yet they feel HIs presence. They don’t hear him yet they talk to Him. They cant see him but they see His gifts.

      I guess love is what binds lovers together. One could be on Jupiter the other on Mars but yet there love is there. One is alive the other dead yet they still long for each other.

      I guess true lovers truly want to be together.

      Anyways i guess life is such that it can’t always be and perhaps thats why lovers chose to be apart. Maybe it helps increase their love. I guess no one really knows except them.

      Thanks for the reply.


  3. Posted by browsing.. on May 7, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    I personally think people have come to love their freedom and independence too much.

    Being in a relationship involves sacrifices, consideration, etc which people are no longer willing to give and that is why they choose to live this way.
    Obviously In islam such casual relationships are not permissible, but recently I was reading a book written by a western revert, 2 months into her marriage she was missing her independence so…wait for it, she asked her husband to take another wife, giving her some ‘my’ time while he was with his second wife! The book is called ‘from my sisters’ lips’ by Naima roberts.


  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    Having had friends from all walks of life … I have come to the understanding that the answer lies within them. There are people that simply must have the other around them whilst some is contented with the idea of being in love with some spaces in between. The ones that should/have the answers to the question “does she/he loves him/her?” purely depends on the couple; and their definition of what “true love” is.

    The questions I have are … when a husband requests to marry another and the wife consents to it with no questions asked… does he not love the first wife? or does the first wife love the husband? Something to ponder about though the answers again, is reflected by the couple. 🙂


  5. I think they man loves both but the love the first wife has for him is really put to trial and if the husbands not careful and he shows favourtism etc to the second wife he is going to be destined to lose that love that she has for him and it could turn to hate and anger. I think a lot depends on the mentaility of the culture you have grown up in. In western countries where it is not the norm best to keep away from polygamy. In the end no one wins.


  6. Coming from an eastern community … it is prevalent in certain social standings. However, this happens to conveniently crop up because I caught it in the telly yesterday on a man’s confession to polygamy.


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