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So You Want To Be A Sufi?

Someone asked Sheikh Zakariyya Rahmatullah alaihi.:

What is Tasawwuf?  What is Reality?

He answered “All it is, is to correct ones intention, nothing else. Its beginning is, “Verily all actions are judged by the intention.”, (Ikhlaas/ sincerity)

and its end is, “You may worship Allah as though you see him.” ( The stage of Ihsan).

A sufis heart is never away from His Creator. I read the other day Dr Abdul Hayy whenever he used to pick up a child or play with a child first he used to pause and meditate for a few seconds that this action was also performed by the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alaihi wasalam thus I am going to play with this child in accordance with the Sunnah and to please Allah. This then makes the action all the more virtuous. Similarly in other everyday things in life. eating, sleeping, walking, talking, refraining from sin, all this should be carried out in accordance to the command of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH and with the Intention that I am doing this to Please my creator. Thereby all the things we do and perform during the day become a means of our nearness and proximity to Allah.

And Ihsan: to worship Allah as if we see Him and the least Ihsan is to be aware that Allah sees me. Ihsan comes with time through dhikr, through reciting the Quran, being with pious people, refraining from sin and to practice it during salaah. When you stand up for Salaah in your heart and mind contemplate Allah is in front of me or at least that he sees me and inshallahw ith time a person will attain Ihsan.

Tasawwuf: The Beginning is correcting the Niyah (intention) and its ending is Ihsan.

I Have a New Love

I have a new love,

And its you,

with love.


Guess what I am trying to say is in my religion there is not any hate towards anyone. Maybe perhaps we hate their actions but never the person. He is truly a person, a human who prays for his enemies.

Make Prayer (dua) for others.

A true muslim wishes for others what he or she wishes for himself.

My sheikh once told me in conversation which I vividly remember that  if we make dua for others Allah creates an angel that makes the same dua for us.   Now think about it; Allah creates an angel. Angels are masoom – sinless. Then Allah makes the angel make the dua on our behalf…would that dua not be accpeted?


As wr w wb,

I received an email the other day basically it was one of them emails that get forwarded asking you to forward it on to as many people as you like. It contained a beautiful prayer, and explained the virtue of prayer that every prayer is accepted and answered by God, maybe not always in te way we like but according to His wisdom. BUT what  struck me was the name of the sender “Hasanuddin”.  Subhanallah what a beautiful name:  “Beautiful in Deen”. May Allah make us all beautiful in deen. I remember when I was young I secretly wanted to be called Majiduddin. (Glorious in Deen) but I ended up calling myself  Abdul Majid. I was named Majid and Islamically its not really right as Majid refers to God (Glorious) hence I became known as Abdul Majid. (slave of the Glorious). However Glorious in Deen would have been nice..

O Allah, Tempt me not to seek help from other than Thee when I am distressed, to humble myself in asking from someone else when I am poor, or to plead with someone less than Thee when I fear.



I keep saying this but the reason why you are beautiful is because God made you. Your natural flaws are not really flaws but in fact part of your beauty and personality.If it wasn’t for those paticular charcteristics you would be someone else.

God made you mot perfectly, he breathed your soul in to you  and  molded your body in the mothers womb. He then nourished both your body and your soul and then set you free to live your life in this  world.

Now, riches and wealth status won’t make you a nice person, good actions make people a nice person. With great effort on our souls we can reach the heavens, the Knower of the Hidden secrets, and we can earn a life of bliss on earth and bliss in the hereafter.

We humans made effort on the things of this world, so much so that metal is now flying in the air; If only we had made the same kind of effort on our souls, Just as Muhammad and Esa and Abraham taught (peace be upon them) then we too would have been flying in heaven.

No one truly dies in this world, we just pass away from here, My God help us pass away to some thing much better. (ameen).

If y just read this blog, remember God Love you and wants you to succeed.

In one of the travels of the prophet (peace and blessings upon him), one of his companions removed baby pigeons from a nest, the mother hovered over his head, seeing this he inquired from his companions if they knew who had taken her chicks, he (peace and blessings upon him) then returned the chicks to their nest in kindness and mercy to the pigeon.

God Loves us more than a mother loves her child.

Random Everyday Thoughts: Don’t worry Be Happy.

Is it worth worrying about things you can’t change? I guess the answer is no thus from this I guess we can deduce that:

  • There is no point looking back and crying about it, because the past is not going to come back.  Just have to accept everything that was and happened and get on with the present time.

Is it worth worrying about what people think about you? I guess Not, they are not under your control. Their feelings are not under your controlf. If they love us Good, If they hate us good.

  • The best thing to worry about is our own behavior as that is something under our control.

Should we worry about finance? No. Why Not? Because:

  • Rizk (provisions) is something Allah has taken control of:  He increases it for whom He will and He reduces it for whom he wills. Now if God is under control of it why worry about it?
  • The only thing worth worrying about when it comes to “provisions is what God put under our control; the effort. The rest is up to God. You might become rich, you might become poor… A child makes no effort, its still a baby but its Father is  a milionaire. Its fate. A child is poor, he makes effort,  He bcomes rich. There is an investor a millionaire, the economy collapses over night he loses millions. Its fate. God Helps us with what we do and the end result is with God. So don’t stress too much.  Billions of animals in the world, smaller brains than humans, no technology, no automation, no oil but yet the sleep on full bellies.

The effort is always up to us the result is beyond us. Don’t worry about controlling what necessarily isnot under your control. Ony worry about the things under ones own control.  Just do things right.

With Every Hardship Comes Ease.

“With every hardship comes ease.”

If anyones out there worrying their minds off, distressed and sad. Remember every hardship comes with ease.

Think of it in terms of labour pains, etc. The pain is at its strongest just before delivert and then….. its all over, relaxation. The pain is then followed  by joy and happiness. Then another test begins t grows up .. but not to worry, hopefully gets married and leaves. So you see every hardship comes and is followed by ease. And those who bare it patiently collect  the most fruits.

” Sabr ka Phal Meetha Hai”.