Hijabi Thoughts.

Assalamu alaikum wr wb,,

Had a conversation with one of our directors today on the question of Jesus and Easter etc, I ended up giving him a long lecture, ( cant stop myself once I start; he prob regretted asking me). Anyway as we ended our conversation, I remember I told him Muslims are scared  today to call them selves “Muslims”, they add the words  “Moderate” in labeling thier religion. There is no such thing as a “Moderate Muslim”. Either Your a muslim or not.  He understood and smiled as he understood the media portrayal of  Islam and Muslims being labeled fanatics and terrorists lead to this. Personally I think we Muslims should be fanatical about Obeying the Laws of Allah.. which includes not murdering innocent people.

Anyways a little while ago I was sat outside work having a break when I saw this Arab woman walking past in HIjab. I thought to myself the west shes her as oppressed but she was quite modernly dressed and it was probably her choice to cover herself up and she realises this is the command of Allah. Anyways this lead me on to the tought that some people say they find women in Niqab and Black Alluring.. so I was reflecting on this and then I thought to myself, if a man finds  a woman dressed in black alluring the this is a disease of his own heart. The Woman has actually done all she can to preven this from happening. If she was not modestly dressed or had long beautiful flowing hair uncovered and a nice outfit then she could be partly to blame. But When covered she is not to blame. Thus those people who say will men can find the ninja outfit attractive well  I say to them, yes ok they might but it just goes to show they have not learnt to control thier thoughts from lustful desires.


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