islam : Modesty of Uthman RA

I was reading the other day how we should deal with people according to their temperaments.  An example was given about the Prophet Salallahi alaihia wasalam who once when he was home was sitting comfortably when he received  guests. The guests were Abu bakr Omar and Uthman Radhiallahu Anhum. However when the first two companions arrived R. Anhum the prophet peace be upo n him didn’t change his sitting posture which was revealing perhaps the calves of his legs. However, when Uthman Radhiallahu Anho arrived he changed his posture so that these were covered.  Someone later asked the Prophet Peace be Upon HIm why he had acted in that way and he commented on the modesty of Uthman Radhiallahu anho.

I don’t know the exact wordings of the incident but I guess ther are two lessons in this.

1 We should deal with people according to their temperaments,

2 We should inculcate modesty in our lives.

The Prophet said: “The most compassionate of my Community towards my Community is Abu Bakr; the staunchest in Allah’s Religion is `Umar; and the most truthful in his modesty is `Uthman.” The pebbles were heard by Abu Dharr glorifying Allah in the hands of the Prophet, Abu Bakr, `Umar, and `Uthman. The Prophet particularly praised `Uthman for his modesty and said: “Shall I not feel bashful before a man when even the angels feel bashful before him?”


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