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I was reading this blog about Haya and Modesty earlier well basically it reminded me of something I had read last week in a book.

Touching Incident..

basically it was a hadith about a lady female companion, May Allah be pleased with her. She (RA)  was looking for her son when the muslims were returning from an expedition. She was informed he was martyred..  In the time of grief she went to the Prophet salallahu alahi wasalam to confirm this. However even in her time and moments of trauma and grief she had not forgot to cover her face, etc. . The other muslims commented on this and She (RA) told them:

“I might have lost my son but I didn’t lose my haya (modesty). “

(Subhanallah… such spirit.. their hearts were so imbued with  faith)

The reference  for the above hadith is in the book of Abu dawuud, I can’t remember the exact detail but it was 2488 I think.


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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    If I am not wrong, this is from Kital Al-Jihad of Sunan Abu-Dawud, no. 2482 and goes something like this ::

    Narrated Thabit ibn Qays: A woman called Umm Khallad came to the Prophet while she was veiled. She was searching for her son who had been killed. Some of the Companions of the Prophet said to her: You have come here asking for your son while veiling your face? She said: If I am afflicted with the loss of my son, I shall not suffer the loss of my modesty. The Apostle of Allah said: You will get the reward of two martyrs for your son. She asked: Why is that so, Apostle of Allah? He replied: Because the people of the Book have killed him.

    Reading this is like a stab in the back, as sometimes I do forget. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  2. You are so kind, jazakallah for the exact wordings.

    May Allah reward you in both worlds.


  3. You are most welcome. Coincidentally, I was reading up on some hadiths. Loads of thanks for linking me back. Barakallahu feek.


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