ISLAM: Renewing Our Faith

Abu Hurairah also reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Renew your faith.” “How can we renew our faith?” they asked. The Prophet, peace be upon him, replied, “Say always, ‘La ilaha ill-Allah’.” (Reported by Ahmad with a sound chain of authorities)

If the Sahabahs were advised tto renew their faith  then obviously we muslims of later times must also bare this in mind. We aren’t living at the time of the Prophet Salallahu alaihi wasalam in the midst of the best teacher, learning directly from Him (saw) but infact we are approximatley 1400 years later at a time in history when trial and tribulation is at its maximum… Thus we all need to try and keep this hadith in mind Inshallah.
And Not to get despondent if iman seems low as our imans up and down its natural… As long we never lose hope in the merciful Allah, who looks to excuses to forgive our sins. And Who not only removes our sins on repentance but replaces then with virtue. How Loving Our Allah is!.

And whats the reward for merely recing the Kalimah? Well I remember reading once the story about when Moses (musa alaihis salam) asked for a special dhikr (words to remember Allah by  and he was told to recite La ilaha illallah,  He kept insisting he wanted special words which were for him only, so Allah informed him if the seven earths and seven heavens were placed on side of the scales and the kalimah on the other, the pan with the kalimah would outweigh the former.. Subhanallah!.


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