Sadness is Good For you

Just came accross thisarticle thought I’d share it. i guess we all feel or felt bad or sad at some times in our life and perhaps we may even feel more sadness in times to come. But alls not lost according to this article “Sadness is good for us.”

Is Sadness Good for Us?

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‘If you never feel sad, it is because you have never become attached to someone, and that is a very lonely way to be.’

An article in the Daily Mail, UK, caught my eye with its headline: “Don’t Be Depressed: Feeling Sad Can Be Good for You“. It reiterates arguments that feelings of sadness have been packaged up according to the medical model, turned into a disease, and are often then ‘medicated away’ by doctors who do not necessarily take into account the context in which the feelings their patients report occur.

It is clear enough that after a bereavement someone who is not suffering from any kind of mental health problem might tick a lot of the diagnostic boxes for depression, with feelings of sadness and lack of interest in hobbies being expected and disturbed sleeping and appetite extremely probable. What may be less clear is why the state of sadness is seen not only as inevitable but as valuable, even positive in itself. Psychologist Dorothy Rowe puts it succinctly, ‘If you never feel sad, it is because you have never become attached to someone, and that is a very lonely way to be.’

So every sadness is part of a connection to others, sadness is a part of love. Expression of sadness (rather than taking the tablets so our functioning is not impaired and ‘no one notices’) mobilises support systems, and maybe is an evolutionary mechanism that helps us to survive. It promotes reflection as well, and this is also no bad thing.

You could even argue that apart from our individual bonds, there is enough suffering in the world around us to make anyone sad, if we connect with it. You could argue that we are all interconnected whether we like it or not. And in this case it might be a good idea to frame the sadness differently, not as the pain of a total cutting off, e.g. disconnection from someone who has died, but as a chance to be aware of those interconnections. No one is actually lost from this web.

And the more we feel the sadness, the stronger those connections are to everyone who has ever suffered (maybe including animals, or even the planet itself). This gives us a spiritual sense of the world which might really make life feel worth living.


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  1. I wonder whether one can be impervious to sadness …


  2. sadness i suppose is a natural feeling. If someone dies we will be sad and perhaps cry. But maybe the ones who have absoloute trust in God and His Plan will find comfort from that fact knowing that this sadnes sis perhaps for my greater good.

    Maybe those with knowledge are able to handle tough situations in life better than other. I think there is a saying that says: Knowledge is a shield.


  3. In the end, it really depends on the individual. Behind overcoming each and every sadness, one may discover the sense to live again, a meaningful life that is until its own life is taken away.

    The saying that I know of is – “In the ebb and flow of history, knowledge is a shield against the blows of time. It dispels the torment of ignorance and nourishes peace to blossom forth in the soul.”


  4. u have to explain that quote to me.. i can’t thik sometimes and I need people to hink and explain to me.

    Brain dead.


  5. Knowledge doesn’t get lost in time. It removes the lack of knowledge one has, and in doing so, one is able to find or make peace with oneself.

    Similar to your description that the knowledgeable are able to handle tough conditions. 🙂


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