I took a Personality Test: I am an Introvert.

You are fairly introverted, generally preferring to interact with a few close friends rather than a large group. Introverts tend to be reserved and quiet, and less involved in social interaction than the more outgoing extroverts. While extroverts tend to feel lonely and withdrawn when denied the company of others, introverts relish time alone. They tend to deal with problems on their own rather than seeking out advice from others. Introverts also tend to have a more active imagination and complex inner world.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m a little bit of both extrovert and introvert!


  2. If you’re interested in a real psychology-based personality test, check out our Personality Patterns app; it provides very detailed feedback in a visually, interactive format, along w/some cool social features. You can also find it on Facebook. On the go? Try it on your iPhone.


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