Beloved Drops

We are but drops in the vast ocean of the universe,
And  God  is aware of  each and every drop he sends down,
And is even aware of the particles which made the drop,
which formed the stream,
that joined the river,
that met the ocean.

Drops Pictures, Images and Photos

And He Loves and Cherishes every single drop.


8 responses to this post.

  1. we are all spirit beings … separated from the Source. One day, we will be re-united.


  2. Beautiful words!


  3. Thank You solace and I agree with bach with the added sentiment that we aren’t ever really separated from whom we love.


  4. Deep and nice words. Pic is nice too.


  5. It’s a rainy day again today, and somehow these words fleet through my mind. 🙂

    Makes one think, as much as he loves every single drop, does the every single drop loves him too?


  6. Well to love Allah is Fard, to put Him before everything else. (i.e. His commands Subhanahu Wa ta Ala).

    But Love is something we can’t control, thus if we love our wife or children more than Him, not to worry as we can’t control our heart. But the Intellectual Love is Fard, whereby we will put Allahs pleasure first. Eg we will sacrifice our warm comfy bed and sleep to offer Fazr, etc.


  7. ANd by reminding ourselves that He Loves us Inshallah will inculcate love in our heart for Him and by pondering upon his numerous blessings on us all the time.


  8. Posted by ichabod on March 15, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Hi majnun;

    I like the above post.

    It is precious.


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