Men Prefer Big Women

I wrote this on someone elses blog but I thought it was funny so I decided to give any reader here a chuckle too…

It made me laugh when i read it to myself

Ive decided to write a blog on someelses blog for a change doubt anyones going to read it but I guess this what people do when bored at work.

a few things that happened today or thoughts that came to me, one of them being about men love to be worshipped which manfifests itself in being obeyed by the wife.. en like nothing more than an obedient trust worthy wife.SO all de women out there regardless of whether you are 100 kg or not  the beauty isn’t in your figure when it coems t hubby its in obediance and we know this coz ven the PROphet PBUH said if it was allowed to prostrate to anyone other than Allah it would have been the wife to the hubby.

And ive realised now why men prefer large women, women are under this misundersttod impresion that men like thin lean women.. well men prefer Big plump women prob coz they try harder to please hubby knowing they lack in beauty so they make up for it in other ways..

apart from that all is well.. any guys out there who might read this my advice is  look for a nice looking, plump pious woman, you” be happy for the rest of your life and i she tells you she wants to diet you tell her No love I love you the way you are.. if she tries to go to the gym stop her, forcibly if you must coz as soon as she loses a few pounds she will think shes Cleopatra and will want to be worshipped like a goddess instead of worshipping you.

so some tips for men out there: dont buy low calorie and low fat foods or anything that says Diet or sugar free.. leave plenty of cakes and fattening stuu arund te house so shes tempted to nibble every half hour, when you see ann over wieght woman on Tv say ” Wow shes gorgeous”.. this will make her want to put on those extra pounds as opposed to taking them off andddddddd most of all…

Treat her nice.

“It is in keeping with the mercy of Allah that you should deal gently with them. If you were severe with them, or harsh of heart, they would have dispersed from round about you. So pass over their faults, and ask forgiveness for them.” (3:159

Nothng else is kinda new.. I read something in a book today, it said anyone who sends blesses the prophet again and again the following words his worries will be removed by Allah:

Allahuma sali ala muhammadiw wa ala alihi wabarik wassalim,

and if someone recites it 100 times everyday after duhar salaah then:
1 he will never be in debt.
2 If he is in debt his debts will be paye doff regardless of how big they may be.
3 he will not face accounting on the day of judgement.

easy right?

Trustworthy & Obedient

~ Ibn Katheer said, “Ibn Abbas said, ‘The righteous women are obedient to their husbands (Qanitaat). Also ibn Katheer said, “Imam Suddi said, ‘They (good wives) protect their husbands’ honor and money in their absence.”‘

The Reward of a Faithful Muslimah & Wife

~ Ibn Hibban narrated that the Prophet PBUH said, “If a woman prayed the five prayers, fasted in Ramadan, protected her honor and obeyed her husband; then she will be told (on the Day of Judgment): enter Paradise from any of its (eight) doors.”

ma salams


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  1. Posted by asqfish on March 6, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Asalaam o alaikum,
    I read your article in interest, and it feeds into the idea that a woman should be married for her looks, which is contrary to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who when asked chose “righteousness” as the desired attribute of the four that are sought in a woman for marraige.

    For every man and woman there is a spouse that brings joy to that particular person which is why I think Allah Subhanawataala made so many shapes and sizes in human beings.

    As for:~ Ibn Katheer said, “Ibn Abbas said, ‘The righteous women are obedient to their husbands (Qanitaat).
    This quote has been taken on a whirl wind ride by men, due to an inadequate translation of the Arabic intent and context.

    Allah subhanawataala says and I paraphrase, that women are obedient in Deen to their husbands which encompasses being righteous, and protecting their honor and their chastity and raising their children in the Deen.

    Every muslim (man and woman) is commanded by Allah to be obedient only to HIM (Subhanawataala) , thus placing another being at the level of Allah for obedience is like placing a small god between Allah and the worshipper and this is considered SHIRK.

    Even fantasizing about someone being obedient to you or me is SHIRK, because our obedience is only to Allah and His messenger and our Deen.

    Unfortunately because of the misunderstanding of the meaning of “Qanitaat” in Arabic, and the translation being inadequate, it has given rise to this wishful thinking on the part of men to become demi-gods on earth by the permission of Allah (Astighfirullah).

    I am no expert, but For more on this subject please review:
    “The struggle of Muslim Women” by Dr. K. Siddique.

    With respect to prostration even the thought of prostrating to any other than Allah takes us into Kuffar.

    It is important to read the Sunnah, Seerah and Hadith in context, the quote you have quoted ha the following context:

    When the sahabah came back from seeing the Roman and Persian kings they said to Rasool Allah PBUH, and I paraphrase:”All their subjects prostrate in front of the kings, you are a bigger king then them and we should also prostrate in front of you.” to which he replied and I paraphrase: ” Mine is not the relationship/closeness/love/ that you should prostrate to me, IF IT WAS PERMITTED (Which means it is NOT PERMITTED AND THE IDEA SHOULD NOT EVEN BE FLIRTED WITH) it is the relationship between a husband and a wife that would allow that level of admiration that the wife would prostrate in front of the husband.

    In my humble opinion he was comparing the relationship of the random Ummah to him(PBUH) in love and intimacy to the love, admiration and intimacy between a man and wife.

    This brings us to the idea that muslim husbands perhaps in those days had so much taqwa that they were loved and admired by their wives just short of adoration and kuffar.

    I find that it is usually men who have not cleansed their hearts of the impurities of arrogance and self admiration bring this quote to further feed their arrogant egos.

    If muslim husbands were truly God fearing (had taqwa) they would never bring an “IF” up in their conversation with anyone about anyone other than themselves. They would never want to be in Gods place in anyone’s heart or mind……with prostration or otherwise.

    Allah knows best!


  2. Jazakallh for that insight on that and I agree with you.

    And all relationships are built on trust and loyalty whether its between husband and wife or Father son or in business or trade.

    Sorry if i gave the wrong impression but you see I was thinking about the psychology involved and How correct the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasalam is when he Gives advice to women, bearing in mind the emotional and psychology of a man, which is quite opposie to women, women like to see gentleness and kindness and love from men ( as I mentioned too) and men love to see Loyalty and like have a wife He can trust to be loyal and obedient. We men tend to spend our times outside the home its peace of mind when you have a wife who protects herself.

    And as far as shirk is concerned to love someone for the pleasure of Allah is not shirk. Eg to love parents and fulfil thier right even when they are non muslim will bring about Allahs pleasure. To Love a dog and help it for the love of Allah is not shirk.. but that doesn’t mean that we should become a slave for the dog. Its on the Niyah.

    And if Love of Allah and His fear is missing I don’t think many of us would pay much regard to how we treated our nearest and dearest. Love for Allahs Sake and hate for Allahs sake.

    Jazakallah bro.. the blog was a bit of a chuckle prompted by a question a sister asked about What do husbands like from their wives… and today I was reminded of that Paticular quote of the Prophet pbuh and I was just thinking How Correct He always is.. but afterall he is Allahs messenger.

    And Obviously a wife does not need to obeyher husband if he acts her to commit some sin, eg if he tells her to disregard her hijab. Like some men unfortunately do..


  3. Asqfish, I love your answer!

    Bro Maj, I have a few comments.

    Firstly, I totally agree with Asqfish and could not have said it better myself.

    Secondly, you imply that a chubby wife is not beautiful. That cannot be further from the truth. Have you seen some of the plus size models – some of them are gorgeous!

    Thirdly, if you had written that we should sometimes look at marrying people that are not considered beautiful/handsome by the usual norms, I would totally agree. I do not remember the details, but there was a lady in the time of the Prophet who married a really ugly man and he turned out to be a good husband.

    Fourthly, if a husband treats his wife with kindess and love, she will “obey” him where possible.

    Fifthly, not all men like chubby wives. Not all men would consider a plump wife a blessing. I know of men who complain about their wives’ chubbiness on a daily basis – they want a trophy wife. In my opinion this is wrong, but it is reality – some men prefer thin wives.

    But overall, an interesting post!


  4. Posted by onlyme on March 12, 2009 at 9:20 am

    in response to the post, I think women are beautiful regardless of their looks or size but when men want to cheat on them they just make up excuses such as shes too fat or skinny or whatever, the insecurity is inside the men and not the women!! I know a woman who is mashallah so beautifullll subhanllah, she has ‘hoor’ looks and this is no exagerration, and on top of that she was such a devote wife that ppl talk of her loyalty and the way she was with her hubby, she was so educated but left everything to please her husband and bring up her family as thats what her hubby wanted. I recently found out her hubby has been sleeping around with another woman BECOZ she was having HIS kids, (which included twins) so since she was so busy and didnt give him much attention he decided to go elsewhere, how sick is that?!?! if u wanted her attention then don’t have chidlren but how low is it to get her pregnant with all these kids and then use that excuse to sleep around! Men like that need to be executed!!


  5. Yes thats very sad @ only Me.. Men cant seem to be able to control their sexual urge sometimes.


  6. I think this post was completely chovanistic. Wives are not there to “obey” their husbands. And, being a larger women, I feel the need to inform you that you are wrong. I do not feel any need to please my husband more than other women just because of the fact that I’m big. And trust me, my husband is very satisfied.


  7. lol thanks for your comment. like i said big women are the best.


  8. Posted by Amina on September 8, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    This is the most stupid and ignorant article I have ever read. Air heads like you should be shut in prison and never come out. Its such a pity you are spreading such unbealivable nonsense which you think is “funny”. I pity your offsprings who would be fed on this information and your poor plump o” bedient” wife.


  9. Its not meant to be taken seriously.

    Each to their own preference.


  10. if you want to protect the integrity of your heart, then low fat foods should be the thing to go *:,


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