New Born, First Born.


Baby Iraniam HighFlying Tumbler

As Wr Wb, For those you who may know about my hobby will know that I started breeding some pigeons again. namely Iranian high Flyers.

Well Alhumdulillah to my delight one of the eggs had hatched this morning and I am the proud father (owner) of a beautiful baby pigeon chick. She or he has an even prouder, aggressive mother.

First Born

First Born Chick and Proud Mother.


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  1. Assalam Alaikum


    how r u bro?
    how is life treating you – long time i havent heart from you. Do take care

    was salam


  2. ws sis all is fine Alhumdulillah u tc 2.


  3. Masha’Allah.


  4. as salam aleykoum

    masha Allah it is beautyful i never saw a baby pigeon here in Paris pigeons have a very bas reputation and they are grey not white as urs people considers pigeons as rats with wings coz they are very very dirty and they polluate monuments with their excrement

    BTW what are u doing with ur pigeon and how many do u have ?


  5. ws wr wb, Yes well that is some peoples view that they are considered pests but they also have a history too, they had been kept by many kinds, especially in the midle east for carrier purposes. Even during wars they have been used to carry messages. I gues even in the modern day it is probably a lot easier to intercept an email than a pigeon.

    I guess if we keep any pets then we have to fulfill their rights: we need to keep them clean, fed and watered


  6. Posted by primachenko on March 30, 2009 at 11:04 pm

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