The Ego Loves to be Praised.

I was reading something earlier on some ones blog and it reminded me of the Ego ( nafs) how it loves to be praised and flattered. And how we  sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we are free of pride, conceit and arrogance.  I was at a wedding the other day (cousin ro got wed) anyways we men were sitting in this room and one of our uncles, mashallah, hes been around the owrld, seen a lot of things, always has funny stories to tell. Anyways he was telling this story of someone who has said he was like worthless,  ” I am worthless (imbocile, etc)”… Anyways some months later one of the persons who was with him when he made that statement addressed him as  “O Imbocile” at that point he got really angry and red inthe face, “Who you calling imbocile?”…  The point I wanted to make was sometimes we fool ourselves, our actions defy our words.. (lol).

Anyways I drifted I just wanted to post some hadiths about praising and flattery…

Hadith – Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Abu ‘Awanah, and Ibn Hibban.

Abu Bakr reported that a man was mentioned in the presence of the Prophet, saaws, and another praised the man. The Prophet, saaws, said, “Woe to you, for you have broken your friend’s neck!” The Prophet saaws repeated this several times and then said, “If any of you simply must praise another, let him/her say, ‘I think the person is this way or that…’ if you genuinely think the person to be that way. The Final Reckoner is Allah, andno one can tell Allah anything about anyone.”

Hadith Bukhari’s Book of Manners #340, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Abu ‘Awanah.

“The Prophet of Allah, saaws, ordered us to throw dust in the faces of those who flatter.”

Hadith – Bukhari’s Book of Manners #341 and Ibn Hibban

‘Ata ibn Abi Rabah reported that when a man praised another in the presence of Ibn ‘Umar, Ibn ‘Umar began tossing dust in the direction of his face, saying, “The Prophet of Allah, saaws, said, ‘If ever you encounter those who flatter, throw dust in their faces.’ “

Hadith – Bukhari’s Book of Manners #762 and Bayhaqi

‘Adi ibn Artah said, “If ever one of the Companions of the Prophet of Allah, upon him be peace, was praised, he would say, ‘O Allah, do not take me to task for what they say and forgive me for what they do not know about.”

Ma Salaams


4 responses to this post.

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Ouch. Something tells me that my post may be responsible for this. 🙂 Interesting turn of events. There are times when we think, but do or say differently acting merely on impulse. A flaw on our side, perhaps. One rarely falls short of making mistakes in life.

    On the other hand, thanks for highlighting on it with references from the hadiths.



  2. ws wr wb,

    Jazakallah for your comments. I guess one of the reasons for blogging is to make people think and your post certainly did make me think. Mashallah.

    Abdul Majid


  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Didn’t have that intention, but if you say so … Alhamdulillah. 🙂



  4. ok maybe it didn’t.. sorry for the praise :$


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