Good News

Just so you know even though the hen was not sitting on the first egg and so I removed it as it would have gone bad in the cold. Well anyway it laid its second egg yesterday… and Alhumdulillah it was sitting on it. So I put the first one back. Inshallah I have 2 beautiful chicks in approximately 17 – 20 days time.

And the young squeaker must have been hungry when i got home last night, When I went to see it it started squeaking, hence them being called squeaker.. (they squeak when young as opposed to cooing)so I took it out of its loft and took it inside the house, placed the seeds in my hand and it started eating from my hand… Hopefully this weekend if the weather holds I’m going to start letting it out so it can get used to its surroundings and basically realise where home is so it can come back after a long flight.

ma salams.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Eventually got some time to read up on your latest interest. Sure am looking forward to seeing pictures from the hatchings. 🙂


  2. God Willing


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